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Notes on Usability Testing

Note: This Web page contains rough notes for discussion and should not be referenced or quoted under any circumstances. This Web page is under development by the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG).

Late updated $Date: 2003/09/23 17:56:45 $ by Shawn Henry <shawn @w3.org>

On the Number of Usability Test Participants

The following information is provided by Shawn Henry in response to concerns over using a small number of usability test participants. Note that there are many more resources that cover this topic, including conference papers. I included only those easily found online.

UCD and UT Resources includes a list of general resources on usability testing, provided by Justin Thorpe.

Usability Test Participants

  1. range of Web accessibility knowledge/experience
    4-6 participants: knows nothing or very little about Web accessibility
    2-4 participants: mid-level knowledge and experience with Web accessibility
  2. range of technical
    4-6: non-technical
    2-4: technical
  3. some with disability @@
  4. Requested

  5. Roles
    ?: Web content provider (non-technical, maybe does not input content directly)
    ?: Webmaster in small “shop” who performs multiple duties
    ?: IT manager (or similar management role)
    ?: Web graphic designer
    ?: Web interaction designer, usability specialist, application designer
    ?: Web “coder”/technical developer
    ?: W2C Team member ?
    ?: Web accessibility manager/coordinator
    ?: educator, esp. post-secondary teacher putting course materials online
    ?: educator, wanting to address accessibility in courses taught
    ?: design shop sales/account manager who could/has been asked to include Web accessibility in contract
  6. range of experience with/use of WAI site
    2-3: never been to WAI site
    4-5: have been to WAI site a couple times in last year
    1-2: go to WAI site at least once per month
  7. organization
    ?: large commercial organization
    ?: small commercial organization
    ?: government agency (prefer Federal, more local OK)
    ?: educational institution
  8. Misc specifics
    1-4: know about Section 508, but not WCAG
    2-4: knows WSIWIG editor, but not <HTML> much at all
  9. Disability
    1-2: doesn't use mouse
    1-2: cognitive or language disability
    1: uses Braille output
  10. Note: international... @@

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