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EOWG Minutes 1 October 2004 Meeting

on this page: attendees - outreach updates - EOWG Deliverables - Strategizing around outreach audiences and promotion messages - Face to Face Meeting - next meeting


Agenda in e-mail list archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2004JulSep/0239.html



Outreach Updates

Charmane: I'm a speaker at Usability and Accessibility Conference here at MSU. Plus we are starting a new center. I'm talking about strategies to get accessibility into an organization.


Harvey: Went to a conference on personas as a well to get to know users better. The method was to pre identify the users, skills, and computer familiarity.

Justin: We used personas in the Web Site Task Force. They were helpful. '

Harvey's other update: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2004JulSep/0235.html

Wayne: I am going to talk our system wide group. I am going to be talking about how disabled users the web. We want to be able to identify people with disabilities so we can ask them if things work or not.

EOWG Deliverables

Background from Agenda:


Judy: I flipped things around to make it easier to read.

Judy: There is a lot coming up. We are looking to find things to roll forward.

Judy: I tried to fill in some of the later quarters.

Judy: A few things have come out of discussions...how to manage a evaluation subcontractor...how to retrofit web sites for accessibility

Judy: Lets spend some more time and make sure that we have the right things on this list and we have the right priorities.

Judy: The last few times we did prioritization the web sites that Work has been very low.

Alan: I thought it was being held back from being distributed.

Judy: Personal preference is that it would be higher up on the list...but we have a lot of stuff

Andrew: My son wants to edit the video..can I take some things out for our own personal use?

Judy: Thanks for the offer. We have both transcript and captioned versions that could be edited a bit. We would need a group of people that could ...I'm just trying to see what we could edit out.

Andrew: There are two things we want to edit out for our own presentations.

Judy: We had a script for it originally.

Roberto(in IRC):I've never seen it

Alan: I have a couple of copies of it

Judy: Andrew, send me a mail about the sections. I'll get Shawn into it also.

Andrew(in IRC): there is a copy available at http://video.strath.ac.uk/streams/rnib.wvx

Judy: We'll have to move it into fourth quarter.

Andrew: There are couple things that we think are misleading.

Judy: It's primarily an offline edit project.

Roberto(in IRC): Count on me too

Judy: I was hoping that we would have standards harmonization out by now. I did 3 hours of edits last night. Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to get more done.

Andrew(in IRC): WSTW video group is Andrew, Judy, Alan, Roberto with Julie Howel (RNIB)

Judy: A lot of the 4Q stuff is closed to being finished. Halfway down on first quarter list...you will see slide set

Judy: A lot of the disability community focused items have been sliding down our list.

Harvey: Feeling a little overwhelmed.

Wayne: Trying to absorb it all.

Andrew: I think we have too much but I don't know what to move down.

Judy: When the web site is done we will have more document room. Shawn and I talk weekly about the new web site.

Henk: In 4Q the link to requirements is wrong for the glossary subset.

Wayne: Should we parse it up into subgroups. Should we find people within the group who can take more responsibility so we can move through it faster.

Judy: People interested in evaluation resource suite?

Henk: Me

Andrew: Me

Pasquale(in IRC): Me too

Roberto(in IRC): Me

Carol: Me

Judy: The mini-gallery of templates and tutorials, that was something you were interested justin?

Justin: Yes

Wayne: Me

Charmane: Me

Andrew: My guys at work.

Judy: Lets look at some of the other quarters.

Judy: The 2.0 major revision of curriculum could be a major job.

Judy: I wasn't sure if we could get something done in accreditation or certification but I know people were interested.

Judy: I am not sure how much it relates to the mission of EO

Chuck: I think we should remain aware but it's not totally in our mission.

Andrew: I have been tracking some things that I am going to send you.

Alan: Not describe it but do research on it

Harvey: Find them and point it to their work.

Judy: Find web contests that incorporate web accessibility.

Andrew: We have been working on moving it up a few notches.

Judy: Lets move the accreditation and contest items to the wish list.

Judy: What do people think of the slide sets?

Alan: The first slide set wouldn't be a problem if the material is going to be produced in a separate document.

Andrew(in IRC): Australian contest is AIMIA - http://www.aimia.com.au/i-cms?page=36 - accessibility will become more important after early 2005 round

Judy: Do people like that approach, keeping a slide set with the document?

Group: YES

Carol(in IRC): AIR is in the US: http://www.knowbility.org/main/

Judy: In 2005 4Q doing accessibility features docs as not as technical documents.

Judy: Lets look at the completed deliverables section

Judy: Conference calendar and alternative web browsing is very outdated

Harvey: When a new web policy comes in it doesn't take the whole group to add it to the list.

Judy: Correct, the more documents we do the more documents we have to keep updated.

Judy: For the policies doc that is needed as updated by staff. But shouldn't we look at it once a quarter just to make sure we're not massing anything.

Carol(in IRC): Wish list: Selecting Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Strategizing around outreach audiences and promotion messages

Background from Agenda


Judy: Feedback on some promotional theme/materials plans for other WAI work

Judy: In Europe we have been sending a newsletter

Judy: If we were to extend it outside Europe, who would we try to reach?

Audience List: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/2003/users

Judy: In the US one of the issues is that the state governments have all different types of guidelines and don't know the benefits of standards harmonization.

Judy: The idea would be to pick up a few different audiences over a month or two and when the site is up bring them back to the site again.

Judy: Is the concept clear?

Charmane: I am confused how are we going to identify who to send things to?

Judy: We have contacts with the association we could prepare one message where they could send to their organizations.

Wayne: I am a little confused as well.

Judy: Maybe this would be hard to do without a message.

Judy: More often when I am talking to people they get really interested when I identify resources.

Judy: Who else is confused?

Roberto(in IRC): I'm confused too

Judy: In the agenda there is a link to a user analysis document that the WSTF did.

Judy: Another group on the list would be reporters or journalists.

Wayne: I think it would be important to identify who these groups are.

Charmane: It seems to me that getting this setup to send out would be a huge effort.

Judy: We are talking about a soft push.

Charmane: Collecting all of this seems like a big job. We have a companion job when the web site is done we are going to want to do.

Judy: This is something we have to do anyhow.

Henk: Its going to be low key, if we have 5 different audience groups...

Judy: Its not a series of newsletters...but one e-mail that would be audience specific and a lot shorter then WAI updates in Europe

Judy: With this we would be documents that are already ready.

Judy: If we had a sample e-mail maybe it would be easier to brainstorm.

Face to Face Meeting Possibilities

Judy: Overview of options

Harvey: The Washington meeting would be government types?

Judy: The focus would be EO Deliverables

Judy: Hopefully that some people would check us out and stay with us.

Alan: In Palo Alto there was EO meeting but also a meeting for other people.

Judy: A meeting in the dc area would give us the option for different formats.

Andrew: I think it would be great to try to drum up some interest Japan.

Judy: Japan?

Andrew: Strong possibility

Roberto(in IRC): Not for me :-(

Alan: I wouldn't count it out

Henk: Maybe

Shadi: I need to ask my supervisor.

Andrew(in IRC): Conference site at http://www2005.org/

Judy: Lets look at a training event.

Judy: How many people are going to tech share?

Alan: I am

Judy: Japan Training?

Group: Seems good

Judy: Technical Plenary in March in Boston?

Justin(in IRC): 28 Feb. to March 4

Alan: I'll be going

Chuck: Do you have to be a member to attend?

Judy: If your an EOWG participant in good standing your all set.

Judy: People will sit in and check out other working groups.

Judy: People will have joint meetings.

Harvey: It's a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with old friends.

Pasquale(in IRC): I'm not in good standing...

Judy: Any reactions on the ERT working group?

Group: Sounds good

Alan: How about the WCAG group?

Judy: Hopefully...maybe the static gallery would be a good thing to work on their.

Judy: How about let's just meet there?

Group: Sounds good

Henk: How about CSUN?

Judy: I thought the consensus is people didn't want to meet at CSUN.

Andrew(in IRC): CSUN dates?

Shadi(in IRC): Mid march

Judy: I think Shawn has submitted 2 full day tutorial proposals.

Andrew(in IRC): Couple weeks after boston then

Roberto(in IRC): Not me

Justin(in IRC): March 14-19, 2005

Justin(in IRC): http://www.csun.edu/cod/conf/

Andrew: What about CSUN instead of tech plenary.

Judy: Let's keep it with tech plenary

Justin(in IRC): http://www.w3.org/2002/09/TPOverview.html

Judy: It sounds like we have ruled out Japan for a face to face in the spring.

Judy: Any events we could piggyback on?

Harvey: We could have a training at the plenary.

Judy: I think people would be over committed already at the plenary.

Next Meeting

October 8, 2004


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