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EOWG Minutes 5 March 2004 Meeting



Follow-up on items from face-to-face meetings earlier in the week.

Business Case


Drop "quantifying benefits" because:

  1. can't make a clear case that benefits are relkated to accesisbilitym becausde you never only hange accessibility, always ,make additional improvemnebts
  2. quantifying the benefits is a post impl;ementatiopn issues, not a precursor to undertaking the work (the time when the case is being developed)
  3. not our core speciality
  4. adding uncessesary work ontop of making the web accessibile

Judy's slides on harmonisation


Action Items

action: shawn to dig out "text only" material and circulate

action: judy and andrew and shawn to prepare 1-page on why not text-only (ref: UsableNet activities)

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