W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

This page contains material from a presentation at the WAI Best Practices Exchange Training in Madrid, Spain in February 2004. It is not intended to stand-alone; rather, it is primarily provided as reference material for participants in the training.

AccessiWeb Evaluation Methodology

Sylvie Duchateau, Braillenet

Last updated: 12 October 2004


The evaluation team

The evaluation tools

The BrailleNet Evaluation process- Step 1 / 4: Selection of 10, 20 or 30 pages

The BrailleNet Evaluation process- Step 2 / 4: Preliminary review

The BrailleNet Evaluation Method - Step 3 / 4: Checking the list of criteria

1. divide between the 3 experts

2. A detailed process for checking

3. Evaluation overlap to validate the results

The checklist


The BrailleNet Evaluation process- Step 4 / 4: The evaluation report


List of the AccessiWeb criteria

List to be downloaded on http://www.accessiweb.org

The evaluation report

A template in French is available.