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EOWG Minutes 01 August 2003 Meeting

on this page: attendees - outreach updates - BCase, Social Factors - WCAG 2.0 Working Draft - EOWG teleconference Aug - Dublin 3-5 Sept - next meeting

Action Items

Action item review from last week's teleconference:


agenda in e-mail list archives (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2003JulSep/0031.html)



Outreach Updates

Doyle: On air radio program "Pushing limits" fund raiser getting good money

Building the Case for Web Accessibility - Social Factors

Background (from agenda):


Judy: Needed hefty introduction as many people not familiar with it. Orientation: try to take change request on intro section and create a new paragraphs. Reorganized changelog so that one on the top are done. Added concepts: digital divide, leadership, tangible. Some other changes...

Chuck: define digital divide before introducing it is a bit funny, otherwise content looks good.

Charmane: looks good

Judy: What kind of transition to digital divide? Corporate accountability... digital divide...

Charmane: Part of social responsibility?

Chuck: add a sentence before: Digital divide a concern in many countries...

Judy: in all countries even if they call it something else

Shawn: sentence that links the 2 terms with two ideas - social responsibility at corporate ___ level and digital divide at ICT/IT level

Judy: any reactions to examples in the first paragraph?

Sailesh: highlight accessing Web via computers is also relatively unknown and may look like not the real thing

Judy: many countries cannot get screen readers etc. in local languages

Judy: will look for possibilities to further diversify to topics in digital divide paragraph

2nd intro paragraph

Judy: is the general approach successful? Is it bringing prejudice to people's mind?

Doyle: not so much

Judy: loose people when a lot of concepts in a row.

Andrew: normally introduction shorter than the rest

Judy: maybe need to split the intro?

Chuck: change from introduction to background and can make it as long as needed

Judy: instead of background could be "social responsibility and digital divide"?

Harvey: that works

Judy: other subheading before in many countries

Shawn: "overlapping..." ?

rest of document

Judy: has not been updated.

Judy: other sections: No tying together afterwards.

Judy: read the issue paper I sent. [Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility] Skim past the intro. Section on business importance. Nicely done. Subheads jump out and each one is a talking point.

Doyle: access for people/communities to groups in effective way. Marriage between telephone and web not great. Concept of social factors also about groups of people.

Judy: make it more functional and look at things in various contexts?

Doyle: yes

Shawn: highlighting some things but not others might not be effective, so much overlapping between groups

Judy: like providing cafeteria selection for people with dietary restrictions

Marja: helps me to understand this

Sailesh: identify how social reasons impact access to the Web. Also about prejudices and stereotypes of what people are capable of. Economical factors are expressed in other places.

Sailesh: Other thing social responsibility. Organizations depends on the society at large and need to find out how to give back to the society. In general I think it is successful.

Judy: structure of the document may be affected. Maybe discussion of the themes of how social factors affect different groups of people accessing the Web.

Doyle: I agree. More about global community and how that is affected

Judy: In the other extreme lies anti globalization community...

[Support for the themes direction:] Doyle, Sailesh, others

Doyle: having references to other parts of the world will make it easier

Sailesh: problematic to get those examples

Doyle: very important page and highly needed

WCAG 2.0 Working Draft

Background (from agenda):


Judy: request for comments - maybe another draft late September. Can people commit to that work?

Harvey: how to do it? As a group or as individuals?

Judy: as a group can help discussion and make it more deep. Can go through questions e.g.: Are there problems on how the proposed conformance model is expressed?

Harvey: will submit technical comments separately

Alistair: yes

Sailesh: yes, macro issues

Chuck: yes, let's be proactive

[nobody against]

Judy: understandability, translatability, conformance model, ...

Judy: how much time? About 2 weeks. Will send list of questions. Impact on evaluation resource suite, quick tips, EOWG documents? Find-ability or locate-ability of relevant information. Even if techniques are linked a lot of times people cannot find them in WCAG 1.0. How clearly it deals with the transition from WCAG 1.0? Will cook up a list.

Judy: Can get all W2C documents nowadays as one big document or as modules.

EOWG Teleconferences in August

Background (from agenda):

Checking EOWG meeting schedule for August 2003


Judy: 15th, 29th -> then f2f Sept. 5th. need time for WCAG review. Judy: why not use some f2f time for review Sept. 5th?

Shawn: maybe will start talking about it already next meeting e.g. if people have found something. 1hour 8th, 15th, 29th

Summary: 22nd is a tentative meeting

EOWG Dublin 3-5 Sept 2003

Background (from agenda):

Update on EOWG meetings in Dublin on 3-5 Sept 2003


Judy: for last monthh in California, hardly anybody volunteered for a demo without some arm twisting. How to entice people for reviewing evaluation.

Andrew: Would like to participate but cannot do f2f.

Judy: Hard to organize remote participation.

Alistair: Section on how to get people involved in review teams?

Helle: Will we get more minutes on the last f2f meeting for Dublin.

Judy: some minutes exists by Shawn, will send them to the list.

Current participation situation for Dublin Sept.:

YES: Libby

NO: Andrew, Chuck

More on Agenda

Judy: A plan should be in the mailbox now. Feedback needed. Especially how to make Thursday work.

Judy: will invite people from EDEAN network to our meeting

Helle: do others have review teams, could we ask them to participate too

Judy: BrailleNet maybe

Shawn: open to suggestions of who should be invited

Judy: will put together a registration form

Alistair: are some days open to public?

Judy: [explains participation criteria]

Next Meeting

8 August 2003

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