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EOWG Minutes 13 June 2003 Meeting

on this page: attendees - outreach updates - Planning July 2003 California events - Discuss Fall 2003 Europe events - Editing Updates - next meeting


agenda in e-mail list archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2003AprJun/0140.html



Outreach Updates

SLH: There is a usability professionals association conference during the last week of June in Arizona. Shawn will be doing a full day tutorial.

JB: Judy will be doing a session at the EDI conference on July 15 in Las Vegas.

Sent to list:

Meeting & event planning for July 2003 in California

JB: Regarding the July event, there has been quite of bit of planning going on. HP will host the meeting, with contributions by Wells Fargo. I have been putting together three registrations pages: EO meeting, best practices training, and Friday event.

Videotaping and Discussion

JB: Discussion of training agenda and presenters. What should we include in the registration form? We will want to find people who are willing to do demonstrations. We would do a form: topic, audience, videotape permission, willingness to share materials and slide.

DS: How would the videotape be used?

JB: Several people won’t be there but would like to see videotapes.

SLH: Some people would want to know what is going to happen to the videotape.

DS: It’s possible that this could be a good advertisement for trainers. Suppose we provide materials on the WAI site.

SLH: I don’t think that we should make a final decision on how to use it. We should decide whether we should videotape and the possible ways that it can be used. I think that there are general consent forms.

JB: What if someone offers to demonstrate training but is not willing to be videotaped?

DS: I think that this is ok.

JB: Could tape the entire day. We would make public carefully selected approaches.

DS: There could be a second level of agreement after the tapes are made.

JB: Do you like this? We could say upfront that we could publish these in a selection.

SLH: Someone might be willing to show it within a working group but not in public.

JB: I don’t hear objections. Let’s move on to other registration questions.

On the registration form, I will include something about consent for videotaping. The registration form will not be the permission form. Do we need to ask: Are you willing to have your training discussed? This could help people understand that there will be discussion. May also discourage frivolous volunteering.

HS: If you are presenting for a closed group of colleagues, this is only for your own good. You can mention it in the description.

DS: I agree with Henk.

JB: What should we be asking: topic, audience, approach?

LC: Different approaches

HS: Two day course, one-day course, for Web designers, management

JB: One page for registration. There is another section that says: training demo. For people willing to demonstrate, ask a whole series of questions: length, type of materials, and other comments

SLH: For approach, academic, experimental, demonstration, workshop, hands-on

JB: Interactive, workshop. We could list a series of examples and ask to fill in their own. Include a reminder that we would get more proposals than we can accommodate. Are there any other thoughts?

Accessible Materials and Real-Time Captioning

LC: Will materials be available?

JB: Can ask if materials will be available online and be accessible. There is an expectation that there is a wireless network. For the best practices training, would this be helpful? Marja and others have been doing a research and development group on remote techniques. We could say that you should share your materials and that they should be accessible.

DS, LC, HS, AC: This is a good idea.

JB: I will ask a lot of questions that will ask about the materials and that they should be accessible. Should they be asked to send slides in advance?

JB: You distributed materials in Copenhagen.

HS: We just did it. It just happened.

JB: We need to find out if people need equipment for presentations.

JB: The informality of the day in Copenhagen was helpful. In July, the day will be structured.

LC: Materials and presentations should be accessible.

JB: Just saying it, did not do it. Have to be very specific in description.

AC: Can we just handout  a permission form in the session?

JB: We should let them know ahead of time what to expect.

HS: Materials should be available in English. We did a rough translation in Copenhagen. Not everything was translated.

PG: IRC could be helpful. It is very easy to read. Could it be possible to have synchronized translation?

JB: Are you talking about real time captioning?

PG: This is about translating the materials. This is another topic.

JB: Real time captioning was done at a recent event. This was successful.

SLH: This could be helpful for the Europe sessions.

PG: I am disappointed if I can’t follow the conversation.

JB: Streaming remote real-time captioning is a reality. It has good quality.

DS: I think this is very helpful.

JB: Let’s say we have more people applying than we have space for. Is anyone willing to look through applications?

DS & LC: yes

JB: We will need to say that applicants need to wait for confirmation.

SLH: It would be nice to have a deadline and then we could notify people.

NL: Can we do this without a form? We will need to make selections. Can we contact people behind the scenes?

JB: We may be able to do some of this but we would like to have an application.

NL: I think that this will work.

HS: I don’t think that we have to worry about filling up because the notice is so late.

DS: Where did they come from?

JB: It was mostly local. Do we use this hybrid approach?

HS & DS: yes


JB: The Friday session will have a separate registration form. It will ask for less detail but will ask for participants’ interests. There are 3 sessions: feedback, information exchange, and brainstorming on training resources. Should we flip the order so that the information exchange occurs after lunch? Feedback would come after that. The final session would be feedback.

DS: It would be helpful to have information about the exchange.

NL: A group wants to make a presentation on dynamic generation of pages.

JB: Does anyone disagree about changing the order?

No objections.

JB: Are there other suggestions? The more guidance, the more people will be able to get out of it.

DS: I thought that this was a schmoozing session.

JB: One of the groups that we are trying to engage is the Alliance for Technology Access.

JB: We should provide different examples of topics and then just have a blank form. We will divide among available presentations.

PG: Do you plan to give a summary about languages such as XML?

DS: I would like discussion on cognitive disabilities and accessibility issues.

JB: People may be thinking about this as a mini-conference. We want to do best practices training and demos.

Meeting & event planning for fall 2003 in Europe

JB: Could do a conference in Dublin, Sept. 3, 4, 5 or could also offer a conference in Spain. I am not available for the rest of September.

AC: We could host a meeting in a hotel in Spain.

JB: Are there any constraints of when this might be.

AC: No

SLH: The week of August 29, there is a Web accessibility conference in Birmingham, England. The AAATE is August 31 through Sept. 3.

AC: August is not a good month because of vacations.

JB: This could be in Madrid, Seville or a resort hotel. Not sure about space or hotel in Dublin.

DS: I like Spain. The support system is extraordinary.

JB: Are there any thoughts about location?

PG: There is a meeting that I will check on.

HS: My wife has to be in Oslo in August. This would not be a good date.

HS: The Euro accessibility was also talking about meeting at the same time as AAATE.

JB: This would be ideal if the group is meeting.

PG: Beginning of September is fine.

LC: When will a decision be made?

JB: I’d like to do this in advance. I’d like to make a decision within the next few weeks.

Update on Various Editing Projects

JB: The business case resource suite. Andrew has not been able to continue the editing now. I had taken over policy and legal. I plan to do the social. Since getting a new editor going, Shawn and I decided that we would do it ourselves. I have been able to resume clean up edits on the evaluation resource suite. The evaluation tools page is the same style and format as other parts of the evaluation resource suite. Is there anyone who would like to find out more about editing?

HS: Not able to participate now

LC: Libby may be available

JB: Any comments on business case or evaluation update?

Next Meeting

20 June 2003

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