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EOWG Notes 6 March 2003 Meeting

About these notes

The 6 March 2003 meeting minutes are in e-mail archive.

This document includes Shawn's notes.


[judy brewer] issues:
* - UAAG long process
* + some consider best W3C specifications (conformance model, implementations, test suites, testimonials...)

[matt may] with long development cycles, don't want to harp on vendors too much

[shawn henry] What are the UA vendors saying?
* OK...
* "everybody's asking for 508, but nobody's asking for UAAG"

[shawn henry] Thoughts on messaging?
[jon gunderson] UA that follows UAAG - e.g., headers will helps all, as well as developers using UA to test and not having to use AT
[judy brewer] theme: "it's the economy, stupid" -> "it's the user agent, and your not stupid"
[judy brewer] theme: easy for PWD to tell if the problem is the UA

[judy brewer] promotion needs:
* building awareness among UA developers (inc AT)
* building awareness among disability community
[shawn henry] relationship with other EO "user materials"
[jim allen] when user have problems, they blame themselves, the screen reader, the content. not the user agent.
* building awareness among purchasers
* promotion of implementation (beyond awareness)
[shawn henry]: * people who could benefit from UA features don't even know that they exist

[cathy laws] content developers use UA to test things, but then they don't work. we point developers to the implementation report so that they can see if it suppose to work (e.g., XYZ producdt doesn't implement access keys, so don't even bother using it to test them)
[natasha lipkina] I'm testing with different browsers, tell me what I need to know is a browser issue, versus a content issue

possible ACTION ITEM? write up "use case/scenario" on this...

[judy brewer] ideas:
* on-line curr (like Chuck & Geoff did for WCAG)
* in-house promotion (like Matt has done)
* perhpas do a parallel document to "Selecting and Using Accessible Authoring Tools"

ACTION ITEM for SLH - add to Policy page link to Canadian gov't recommendations to purchase (from Chuck)

possible ACTION ITEM?  consider easy "does your user agent do this" document
?: Is this information "accessible" to "users"?

[jim allen] if marketing is the strongest push for integrating features, then we need to help people get comments to marketing

[cathey lew ? chuck letourneau] we also look at what things web content is doing - how broken are we if we don't do it (esp. if page)

[judy brewer] cycle - web author not do it if user agent not support it & authoring tool not do if web authors not want it

[jon gunderson] the test suites provide that bridge for common communication - PWD providing feedback to vendors

[judy brewer] and the purchase...

ACTION ITEM for SLH - talk to JIM ALLEN about diagram! (need dialog of dependencies - from top going left, things get dropped...)

Last updated 17 March 2003 by Shawn Henry <shawn @w3.org>