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EOWG Meeting 10 January 2003

attendees - policy reference links - outreach updates - translation priorities - face-to-face meeting agenda - next meeting

meeting agenda - Note: Rearranged agenda to meet attendees schedule


  1. Kathleen Anderson
  2. Harvey Bingham
  3. Helle Bjarnø
  4. Judy Brewer W3C/WAI (chair)
  5. Alan Chuter
  6. Charmane Corcoran
  7. Sylvie Duchateau
  8. Allistair Garrison
  9. Shawn Lawton Henry (minuter)
  10. Sarah Horton
  11. Marja-Riitta Koivunen
  12. Chuck Letourneau
  13. Natasha Lipkina
  14. Blossom Michaeloff
  15. Doyle Saylor
  16. Henk Snetselaar

Policy Reference Links


Judy - Possible redo organization of EU countries.... Need to update introduction, and each section...

Kathleen - I volunteered to send you updates on the states

Judy - you might want to send me a whole updated page. Alan, could you describe what you did on some countries to fix the links. Are there areas that still need help?

Alan - Andrew sent a message in Oct that he had already collected information from all of the states [in Australia]. I went through each link to check them.

Judy - A lot of people announce stuff on the WAI IG list, and there was something there last week.

Alan - Helle, are you going to contact them?

Helle - Have a call scheduled for next week.

Judy - Comment on in chasing down the broken links, we lose a fair amount of material - governments just pull the documents down... on some of these I feel like we've lost key histories... maybe include a note so that people know that it existed so people can get to it... What about when there is a broken link that we can't find - how about leave it there and note that it is no longer available on line - then people could go back and try to get it form the government if they want?

Alan - [other issue] is language. It would be useful to have a network of correspondents who would keep up with what is going on in their own country...

Judy - We talked about having a non-public space...

Doyle - Good idea - would want to have limits

Sarah - How have you gone about finding these and identifying what to include?

Alan - just web search

Judy - The idea is that once we have more of it, we'd open it up for others to comment

Sarah - It would be good if someone within each country would define what goes here for their country

Judy - That might be adding more layers than necessary. The questions are: 1. How do we find material, 2. How do we decide what to include, 3. How do we explain what goes in there. For example, we tried to provide some clarification on what's a law, policy, etc.; however, trying to get a perfect definition would be quite a task because of different languages, cultures, etc.

Helle - One of problems is difference between countries and whether they have legislation or not - e.g., in our country it will be recommendations - in countries like ours, there are things that you should follow, but we can't come afterwards to say that you have broken this law...

Judy - I think we need to update the introduction section, it's very out of date. In doing that I can try to add a paragraph that acknowledges the different legal systems... We might want to rearrange the list in each country. And add a "flexible document designator" of "policy" and "recommendation." Cut down intro...

Helle - Some people might think that since something is blank, the country doesn't have anything in that area, or, the opposite, that the country does have something but we just don't have it in this document

Judy - Clarify that the absence of info, may mean no info.

Charmane - "Top" link at bottom goes to Not Found

Judy - Chuck, how does Canada look to you?

Chuck - I'm updating it as we speak.

Judy - Denmark?

Alan - Helle, Did you see the draft?

Helle - Yes, can get to it this week

Judy - Alan, could you work on EU section?

Alan - yes.

Judy - To be continued at another meeting... We'll come back to it in 2 weeks, on the 24th

Judy - wrap-up, action items: Alan ping Andrew for Australian states, Chuck send Canadian links, Helle send Denmark and ping Harold on Norway, Alan check on EU links, Kathleen send new page on US states

Blossom - say something about the links may not be working because they change so much

Judy - There was some discussion about an input form that asks the inputter to notify us of changes. Also, send a blurb requesting that people send changes... email...

Shawn - I'm not sure how much that will help...

Judy - Let's just put a note where we ask for updates - that's simple

Sarah - Good to make it clear that this is compiled, not just by the country, but also collaboration with different people, including EOWG - otherwise, reader could have a sense that these are all submitted by the various countries.

Judy - What I'm hearing is that you'd like a clearer disclaimer about the origin and maintenance of the document

Sarah - Yes. One way to get people to update links would be for each countries to have ownership of their representation.

Judy - I can't begin to see that happen -- would be problematic, essentially asking a government representative to sign off on material here.

Judy - Comments on demoting US states in navigation bar?

Several - Yes!

Chuck - Do you use a link chaser?

Judy - Yes, type ",checklink"

Outreach Updates

[none for today]

Wrap up Translation Priorities document

discussing http://www.w3.org/WAI/translation.html

Judy - [intro...] Ended up longer than I expected.

Chuck - hanging link about [?]

Helle - in the top nav bar, left-hand corner, link to W3C translations... if you browser down, you will find WAI translations...

Judy - it probably lists about 1/3 of the WAI translations available... we'd like to make the translation material easy to find from several points...

Judy - tried to in a friendly way say that it's volunteer, rather than paid

W3C Translation Policy

several - Good

Coordination with WAI

Judy - does this work?

Blossom - Would help to break the second paragraph up into 2

Charmane - Last line of second paragraph "if translated according to a specific process, to be designated as "official" or "authorized" translations"

Judy - The issue is that the process is not established yet. Have permission to pilot a policy... I'll rewrite sentence...

Chuck - Glossary is still in working draft

Judy - OK, add clarification

Priorities for Translation of WAI Materials

Judy - I added intro... we should probably be more explicit about status, unstable documents

Harvey - Do we have a list of people who have translated (a Thank You list)

few - Good idea

Judy - Have a list of translators for W3C, but not WAI. Martin D does a good job of maintaining list, I don't want to set up duplicate efforts - that's W3C-wide... Harvey, were you thinking of...

Harvey - I think this should be a public list, saying here are the documents, here are the translators

Judy - One problem is maintaining it, the other is that we'd have to check with those people, third is issues with quality concerns.

Sarah - might be useful for the user if you listed the existing translations, so people know what's already there

Charmane - will be a high maintenance page, having to update the status for each

Judy - we already have an action item to regularly review the deliverable list and other documents we need to review each quarter, we can add this page to the list, so we would at least catch it every three months

Preliminary agenda planning for EOWG face-to-face meeting


Judy - [reviewed what's there... and added to agenda]

Judy - Meeting page not accessible for non-members, working on it...

Helle - Who's coming...

[several people said coming]

Next Meeting

Friday, 17 January 2003


Judy - On the EOWG home page, under list of meetings, added tentative topics for different meetings... Next week let's spend more time going over this


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