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EOWG Meeting, June 26, 2002


  1. HB: Harvey Bingham, scribe
  2. JB: Judy Brewer, chair
  3. CC: Charmane Corcoran
  4. EP: Ellen Perlow
  5. DS: Doyle Saylor

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility

Working draft copy 26 June 2002, Chuck Letourneau


JB: Using Opera, having problem with section numbering on this draft.

HB: [ed. Added section numbers from MSIE 6.0.]

CC: [Netscape on MAC has trouble with stylesheet]

JB: NS 4.x, 5.x style sheet bug

HB: illegal space in style sheet

CC: Question mention of usability (only in 3.3.4. "Is the text clear and simple?" ... appropriate question to ask people participating in usability testing (link to next section))" Not specific enough to what we're testing for.

JB: 3.4. Usability testing of accessibility features: narrows it down.

JB: Issue: Accessibility testing of usability. Testing how well do the accessibility features function?

DS: Usability clarifies what is to be tested.

All: Agreed to use.

DS: Departs 4:20

JB: Dynamic page generation. What is a "distinct" template?

CC: If more than one template is used to generate the site, test all related templates.

JB: Evaluate all templates would suffice.

JB: As Charles McCathieNeville suggested, clarify If selecting authoring tools, refer to the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines. Currently, the reference is to "Selecting Authoring Tools for Web Accessibility" but is that sufficiently precise?


CC: Server Side Includes (SSI) are another kind of dynamic content. We shouldn't be saying "database driven" since not always from a database.

[HB ed: http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/docs/tutorials/includes.html]

These files would be pieces of content, dynamically pulled into a document, not HTML, but transformable into it. SSI needs a special kind of server to provide security, as executable shell commands or CGI scripts can be included. Security of server can handle for a restricted group of users.

CC: Suggest Title: "Evaluation of dynamically generated web content". That way it is more generalized than "database driven"

JB: Good.

JB: (4:30 pm EST) Let's adjourn, continue meeting on Friday (8:30 AM EST).

Last revised June 28, 2002 by Judy Brewer

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