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Issues for ATAG 2.0 Working Draft

This document provides a guide to issues which are yet to be resolved, as well as those which have already been resolved, by the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG). It will be maintained through the life of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 document, and updated regularly as new issues are raised or resolved.

Issues for Guidelines


7. There may be insufficient attention paid to Web-based authoring environments

8. Should the conformance scheme be modified to add extra conformance levels.


1 - R. Definitions needed for a number of terms.

2 - R. Concept of "typical user" in success criteria may be unclear.

3 - R. Concept of a "usability STUDY override" to normative requirements for conformance (success criteria) still undecided (connected with idea of typical user)?

4 - R. Functional spec or usability-oriented guide? Is ATAG a document that specifies programmatic requirements, or one that directs the outcome (related to usability override)?

5 - R. Where will Definition of Authoring Tool example images "live" (in the guidelines or techniques) - currently they have been moved to the techniques?

6 - R. Handling non-W3C formats - Rationale and success criteria of 2.2

8 - R. New editorial additions require group approval.

9 - R. How do we deal with changes to the WCAG conformance levels that may impact ATAG's relative priority checkpoints?

10 - R. "Opt-out" policy on accessibility? (Turn off accessibility features, rather than turning them on)

Issues for Implementation Techniques


2. What form of document presentation will work best for listing the techniques?

3. How does the new techniques document work with the old icon-based approach of ATAG 1.0 techniques?

4. Checkpoint 4.X (4.2) is still lacking techniques

5. New editorial additions require group approval.


1 - R. Can ATAG implementation techniques link to ISO16071

Issues for Test Suite


1. How to make use of and expand TB's draft test plan

2. Test case development in conjunction with WCAG-WG?



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