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Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring

Do you have accessible Web components for making websites work well for people with disabilities? Share your templates, widgets, gadgets and controls for producing accessible websites!

Accessibility of the web is essential for people with disabilities. Accessibility is a requirement for many websites, for instance under Disability Discrimination Acts in various countries, as well as Section 508 in the United States. We challenge you to share your accessible templates, widgets, and other web components so that others can more easily make websites accessible for people with disabilities. Winning submissions will be available through the "Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring" (website forthcoming).

  • Templates are content patterns that can be filled in by authors, or by the authoring tool itself, for easier production of accessible Web content.
  • Widgets are scripts that enable interactive functions, such as expandable navigation menus, sliders, and image carousels on Web sites.

Please browse through these sample accessible templates and widgets and this wish-list to learn more about the kinds of templates and widgets that we would like have in the Gallery. We also welcome submissions of templates and widgets that are not listed here, and suggestions of additional templates and widgets to add to the wish-list.

We ask that you test the accessibility of your submissions before sending them to us. We will do additional tests after you submit them. Templates and widgets that are accessible and that support the production of accessible web content will be included in a “Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring.” The gallery contents will be freely available for any web developers to use on websites.


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