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This page lists draft requirements for the Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring, for easier authoring of accessible Web content.

Pages: Main Page - Description - "Grab and Go Gallery" Draft Landing Page - Sources & Samples - Testing - Meetings - Gallery Requirements

Gallery Requirements

  • thumbnail image
    • (specify size)
  • name of component
    • (specify character limit)
  • type of component
    • (template; widget)
  • language
    • (for instance: php5.3; html5; java6; javascript + css2.1 + html4; etc.)
  • authoring environment
    • (text editor; Word; Drupal; Eclipse IDE; etc)
  • deployment environment
    • (JQuery; WordPress; JVM; etc)
  • type of license
    • (_____)
  • programming level required
    • (none; some; lots)
  • link to brief description
  • link to additional information
  • flag option for from a w3c member org
  • comment button (for things broken, etc)
  • include some option for flagging a "professional" or enhanced version; and/or to links to their page or to app store

How Do We Want the Gallery to "Look"?

Miscellaneous ideas to start with...

What would the home page of the Gallery "look" like?

  • check models such as search and advanced search
  • basically an app store
  • showing different categories of what's to offer
  • maybe rotating the offerings
  • not more than 10 or 15 items up front
  • a few things highlighted up front
  • a link to a resources page that's a link farm
  • some resources stables links on the front page, with a rotator
  • short rows of thumbnails
  • icons at sides of thumbnails for info at one side, and BRIEF text at bottom
  • make it clear that there is not a *paying* store (ideas on how to differentiate?)

What would the category search results page "look" like"

  • short rows of thumbnails with clear focus up front
  • icons at sides of thumbnails for info at one side, and BRIEF text at bottom

Subpages for individual entries

Work to Set Up the Gallery

  • what are our options for hosting environment, with regard to supported languages, tools, and databases supported?
  • do a quick C/B analysis of using different kinds of tools
  • perhaps grab a pre-built store template, with easy UI design, and that works with the hosting environment we'll use
  • better scope the work effort required; check with potential people who could do it.
  • project management piece is important

Work to Set Up the Entries

  • explore the work-flow efficiencies
  • using a CMS that we could log into

Work to Maintain

Describing the Gallery

An "About" page (or section) should include:

  • the purpose
  • the involvement in building it
  • ways to participate if not via the site

A "How to Use" page (or section) should include:

  • disclaimer wrt regulatory (may help but not a guarantee)
  • and follow these guidelines

A "Come visit" blurb to post on other sites:

  • enticing & welcoming short bit about what's in the gallery