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This is a planning page for the Grab and Go Gallery for Accessible Web Authoring, for easier authoring of accessible Web content.

Pages: Main_Page - Description - "Grab and Go Gallery" Draft Landing Page - Sources & Samples - Testing - Meetings - Gallery Requirements

Examples of Templates and Widgets

Potential Sources for Submissions

Government Sources

  • US: CIO Council; other federal & state agencies?
  • CA: Web Experience Toolkit?


  • Authoring Tool developers (potential interest: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, others...)


  • Inclusive Design Research Center
  • Computer Science & Web Development students


  • Unconferences

Wish-list of Templates and Widgets

  1. accessible CAPTCHA
  2. registration form
  3. comment form
  4. the "more" button (expanded info button)
  5. lightbox popped up in center of screen to show more detail
  6. accessible nested nav
  7. accessible map template
  8. accessible media player
  9. calendar date-picker
  10. accessible directions for maps
  11. accessible filter for tag clouds
  12. best practice skip nav implementations
  13. labels on forms
  14. checkbox option lists
  15. accessible wiki-markup type component
  16. template shell with pulldown menu of selectable widgets

Five Widget Wish-list items, described

Accessible versions of:

  1. CAPTCHA: a widget that is often encountered when registering an account to access a secured site. The widget is generally some kind of puzzle to be solved, such as deciphering distorted text. Since the intent of a CAPTCHA is to be something that only humans can solve, it must work for people with a variety of disabilities (vision, hearing, and cognitive) without using the normal techniques for compatibility with assistive technology. (CAPTCHA site, ReCAPTCHA, Wikipedia on CAPTCHA, W3C/WAI on Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA)
  2. Lightbox pop-up: a widget that is often provided for viewing a collection of small images. When you select an image in the collection, the lightbox overlays the collection, displaying a larger version of the selected image, with controls for advancing forward and backwards in the collection. (Wikipedia on Lightbox Popup)
  3. Calendar date-picker: a widget that is often provided when completing a form that requires a date. Selecting the widget pops up a calendar page, generally the current month view, from which you can select a date that is inserted into the form field. Controls are provided to navigate to a different month or year.
  4. Embedded media player: a media player that is contained within a Web page for viewing an audio or video file. The player includes buttons to control the playing of the media (play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind), volume, and display of closed captions.
  5. Nested navigation: a navigationn template that allows multiple nested levels of navigation links oriented either vertically, as in a left side navigation bar, or horizontally, as in a banner navigation bar with drop down menus. At each level, selecting a link either expands to show more choices in the next sub-level or loads a new page if there are no more sub-levels. When a different link in the hierarchy is selected, the previous set of choices collapses and either another set of choices expands or the newly linked page is loaded.