ARIA 1.1 Test Case Coverage

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The text alternative calculation is now a separate spec. Joanie has not done any diffs with it. "Patches welcome." :)

Features introduced in 1.1 and requiring full testing

States and properties


Existing features changed in 1.1

Properties with changed types and/or default values

Properties added to or removed from roles

Miscellaneous Role Changes

New or changed user agent normative statements

  • Applying the aria-selected state on a columnheader MUST not cause the user agent to automatically propagate the aria-selected state to all the cells in the corresponding column.
  • User agents SHOULD not expose (aria-readonly or aria-required) to assistive technologies unless the columnheader descends from a grid.
  • NOTE: The previous requirement is also stated for role rowheader.
  • If aria-readonly is set on an element with role grid, user agents MUST propagate the value to all gridcell elements owned by the grid and expose the value in the accessibility API. An author may override the propagated value of aria-readonly for an individual gridcell element.
  • The previous requirement is also stated for role treegrid.
  • The ARIA 1.0. specification describes a combobox pattern where a text input element has the combobox role and owns a listbox element. User agents, assistive technologies, and conformance checkers SHOULD continue to support the ARIA 1.0 pattern.
  • User agents MUST treat any value of aria-haspopup that is not included in the list of allowed values, including an empty string, as if the value false had been provided.
  • To provide backward compatibility with ARIA 1.0 content, user agents MUST treat an aria-haspopup value of true as equivalent to a value of menu.