ACTION-2283: Kick off an email thread to respond to

Kick off an email thread to respond to

John Foliot
Due on:
February 24, 2021
Created on:
February 17, 2021
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email sent Mar. 1, 2021


Hello CSS WG,

The APA WG have discussed this, and have a few comments to offer:

1) Toggling: while the requested feature has value, there will need to be a simple toggling feature to 'collapse' or 'expand' the Ruby annotation (think Details & Summary), ideally authored on the page, or provided via a clear and easy to access toggle in the browser UI. While applying this in a fashion similar to 'prefers-reduced-motion' and using browser-based user-settings is useful, we anticipate a more time-sensitive context of application by some users (i.e. the 'toggling' need).

2) Relationship to Personalization TF activities: Currently the Personalization Task Force has some draft ideas around a similar use-case, which may work either as an alternative-to, or possibly in concert with this CSS proposal. Relevant information can be found at:
(NOTE: The Task Force welcomes the CSS WG's feedback on this, or other aspects of our Draft Spec.)

John Foliot, 1 Mar 2021, 17:31:13

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