Testing, Benchmarking, and Certification.

I'm hoping to renew the effort to collect test data, toward the goal of creating validation suites and the like.

If you have data to share, please post a note to www-talk.

W3C Resources

HTML 2.0 document and user agent testing
HTML document validation services, plus browser testing and collaborative development of HTML test suites.
libwww testing
Alex Lian is working on a deja-gnu based framework for testing the WWW common code library. He's done quite a bit with URL parsing testing.

Related Resources

XMosaic multimedia demo
-- FTP sound and graphics.
A testing organization, interested in web server performance testing. Contact: Prasad.Wagle@eng.sun.com (Prasad Wagle)  regarding SPEC bechmarks for HTTP.
performance project at SGI
Web Servers Comparison
Version 3.0, September 1995 by Paul E. Hoffman

Full HTTP protocol

Access control test data

The CERN "info" server and all servers running httpd 2.0 or after can handle HTTP1.0 to some degree. Here are some things for testing clients with full HTTP:

browsable directory The server guideThe server guide in postscript

The server guide in plain text

multiformat document -- should deliver as postscript if you can handle it, otherwise plain text.


Newspaper cutting scanned at various resolutions and held in various representations. ExecutablesAn executable file. Set your browser to run documents of type application/x-csh locally and run this . A suitable rule file for your client is here . Binary filesCheck out pub/www/src for some compressed tar files. Searching databases HEPdata is a database which should work. a search . NNTP protocolA newsgroup -- also, follow a link from it to any article. BAD URLSTry these out -- marc referred to them as crashing a pre-2.0 Mosaic. to it's worth testing your browser on them: ://cbl.leeds.ac.uk/


FTP protocol

An FTP site

A postscript file by FTP

An Adobe illustrator file (.ai, treat as postscript)

Tom's GIFs of Cello

Direct WAIS access

This is only available with WWW library 2.05 and above compiled with the WAIS option, or with any library running with environment variable WWW_wais_GATEWAY set to wais:// CNIDR directory of servers

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