HTML Testing

The W3C HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 Recommendations define conformance of HTML documents (web pages) and certain aspects of HTML user agents (web browsers).

In order to promote reliability and fidelity of communications on the web, W3C is coordinating testing efforts. See: the W3C Validation Service.

Valid W3C HTML 4.0!

Testing Documents with a Conforming SGML Parser

The HTML Validation Service and Toolkit by webtechs allows you to check that your documents conform to the HTML syntax. (There are certain application conventions that are not checked by those tools.)

March 1999: webtechs.com falls victim to Network Solutions

The service currently offers validation testing with respect to HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, a draft of the HTML 3.0 DTD, a "mozilla" DTD, the SoftQuad HotMetaL PRO 2.0HTML DTD and the Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 DTD.

Weblint checks style as well as syntax.

The Spyglass HTML Validator is a Windows95 application that can be downloaded and used to check against four DTDs:

Testing User Agents (Browsers)

We're also investigating ways to test browsers, including a certification process.

For an idea of how this might work, please see:

HTML 2.0 test suite
This needs updating and release engineering, but stay tuned!
by Pragmatica, Inc.
HTML Form-Testing
Digital Equipment Corporation Network Systems Laboratory
Glenn Trewitt
WWW Test Pattern
by the The Web Resources Group
Style Guides
A test suite might also include notions of "preferred style" and such.
World Wide Web:Browsers:Capabilities
in Yahoo!

Old Stuff Here at W3C


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