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Color at W3C
20 years of pain

Chris Lilley


I’m Chris or @svgeesus

Technical Director at W3C
Strategy lead, Core Web Technologies

Started SVG (1996)

SVG WG Chair (1998-2006)

Co-authored PNG (1996)


Topics for today

The Prehistoric Web

CRT monitor

Indexed-color displays
16 color VGA displays. 256 colors common.
“Truecolor” for the lucky few
Gamma mayhem
Mac: 2.6/1.45 = 1.79
SGI: 2.4/1.7 = 1.4
PC, Unix: 2.2 (ish)

W3C Print Workshop

sRGB proposal

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS1 uses sRGB

Color management

Color Management arrives
Mac: ColorSync
Win95/NT: KCMS (aftermarket)
Win98/2000: ICM
WinXP: ICM 2.0
Linux/GNOME: GNOME Color Manager
Linux/KDE: colord-kde


Not so fast

Perhaps printing?

CMS not ubiquitous
CMS assumed

SVG Print



SVG Color

CSS Color

CSS Color 4

What changed?

CSS3 Color

fill: rgb(243, 214, 155);
// looks fine on wide gamut, 
// too pale on sRGB

MQ4 hack

@media dci-p3 {
fill: rgb(243, 214, 155);
// hack in a better match for sRGB
fill: rgb(248, 207, 133);
// ewww, really?

LCH is device independent

fill: lch(85.5 43.1 79.1);
// browser calculates rgb for your screen

CIE Hue, Chroma (LCH)

LCH in CSS Color 4

background: lch(50 0 0);
border-color: lch(65 30 180 / 50%);
color: lch(55.3 84.5 10.25, #F06);

CIE a & b

Lab a scale Lab b scale

Lab in CSS Color 4

background: lab(50 0 0);
border-color: lab(65 46 -8 / 50%);
color: lab(55.3 83.1 15.0 / 75%, #F06);

ICC Color in CSS Color 4

Default sRGB colorspace

Predefined display-p3 and rec2020 wide gamut RGB spaces

background: color(display-p3 1.0 0.0 0.5);
background: color(display-p3 .2 .14 .63 / 33%);

Media Queries 4 can check for p3 or rec2020 support

CMYK: ICC Color in CSS Color 4

At-rule (like @font-face) points to ICC profile

background: color(foo 0 .81 .23 .47); //cmyk
@color-profile foo {
src: url('');

Future challenges

Working color space
sRGB default, for Web compatibility
scRGB? Lab?
sRGB default, for Web/Photoshop compatibility
Porter-Duff compositing operators
High Dynamic Range
Driven by movie & TV industries
Rec.2020, PQ or HLG transfer function
Compositing SDR & HDR
iccMAX for HDR
Expert review
W3C Colorweb Community Group
W3C joins ICC