Content Selection for Device Independence (DISelect) 1.0

W3C Working Group Note 29 June 2010

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Rhys Lewis, Volantis Systems Ltd.
Roland Merrick, IBM
Max Froumentin, W3C


This document specifies a syntax and processing model for general purpose content selection or filtering. Selection involves conditional processing of various parts of an XML information set according to the results of the evaluation of expressions. Using this mechanism some parts of the information set can be selected for further processing and others can be suppressed. The specification of the parts of the infoset affected and the expressions that govern processing is by means of XML-friendly syntax. This includes elements, attributes and XPath expressions. This document specifies how these components work together to provide general purpose selection.

There is a companion document which provides introductory information concerned with this specification DI Primer.

Status of this Document

This document has been discontinued as part of the closure the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group.