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F23: Failure of 1.4.2 due to playing a sound longer than 3 seconds where there is no mechanism to turn it off

Important Information about Techniques

See Understanding Techniques for WCAG Success Criteria for important information about the usage of these informative techniques and how they relate to the normative WCAG 2.0 success criteria. The Applicability section explains the scope of the technique, and the presence of techniques for a specific technology does not imply that the technology can be used in all situations to create content that meets WCAG 2.0.


Applies to all technologies except those for voice interaction.

This failure relates to:


This describes a failure condition for Success Criteria involving sound. If sound does not turn off automatically within 3 seconds and there is no way to turn the sound off then Success Criterion 1.4.2 would not be met. Sounds that play over 3 seconds when there is no mechanism to turn off the sound included in the content would fall within this failure condition.


Failure Example 1

  • A site that plays continuous background music

Failure Example 2

  • A site with a narrator that lasts more than 3 seconds before stopping, and there is no mechanism to stop it.


No resources available for this technique.

(none currently listed)



  1. Check that there is a way in a Web page to turn off any sound that plays automatically for more than three seconds.

Expected Results