HTML 5.3

W3C Working Draft,


This section summarises substantial substantive changes between Public Working Drafts, as a guide for general review.

Full details of all changes since 12 January 2016 are available from the commit log of the w3c/html github repository, including various editorial and linking fixes.

Changes since the HTML 5.3 Second Public Working Draft

Remove monkey-patch 2.9.10 for FileAPI
FileAPI is better defined in FileApi spec. Fixed issue 1217
Other Pragma Directives removed.
Change to match reality. Fixed issue 1212
Caption end tag can be ommitted.
Substantive change to match reality. Fixed issue 1158

Changes between the HTML 5.3 Second Public Working Draft and the HTML 5.3 First Public Working Draft

Add missing link rel definitions.
Substantive change. Fixed issue 987
Add focusin and focusout events
Substantive change. Fixed issue 278
Allow fully internationalised email addresses in the E-mail type, as per [RFC6531].
Substantive change. Fixed issue 845
Specify allowable context types for canvas in the HTML spec. Include [webgl-2] as a specified type.
Substantive change. Fixed issue 1118
Fix discrepancies between HTML and ARIA in HTML specs
Substantive change. Fixed issue 894
Don’t require XML srcdoc in XHTML
Substantive change. Fixed issue 890
Removing magic alignment for dialog element
Removed due to lack of implementation. Fixed issue 1108
nonce now uses the [[CryptographicNonce]]
Hide nonce content attribute to avoid leaking it.
Removed section on anchor-points
Substantive change. Fixed issue 1104
Added disableRemotePlayback to the HTMLMediaElement interface
Fixed issue 1047
Cleaned up the Fetch sections to apply the cryptographic nonce metadata, and the integrity attribute from [SRI]
Fixed issue 198

Changes between the HTML 5.3 First Public Working Draft and HTML 5.2

Refactor document.domain setter, adding concept of "is a registrable domain suffix of or is equal to"
Fixed Issue 769
Adds the ping attribute
Fixed Issue #369
add the allowusermedia attribute to iframe
Fixed Issue 778
Update the preload Link type and add the as attribute
Fixed Issue 1044
Add the autocapitalize attribute
Fixed Issue 208