Functional Explanation of Changes in XML Signature 1.1

W3C Working Group Note 18 October 2012

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Frederick Hirsch


This document provides a summary of non-editorial changes in XML Signature 1.1 from the XML Signature Second Edition Recommendation.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This document summarizes non-editorial changes in XML Signature 1.1 from the XML Signature Second Edition Recommendation.

2. Changes

2.1 Algorithms Added

For all algorithms added, algorithm identifiers and information were added to the specification.

2.2 Algorithms Changed

2.3 Other Algorithm-related Changes

2.4 KeyInfo Changes

2.4.1 General Changes

  • required support of KeyValue formats for DSA, RSA (required now, no longer recommended), and ECDSA
  • Add new KeyInfo child elements with corresponding URIs
    • ECKeyValue, ECParameters
    • DEREncodedKeyValue
  • Add sections on how to use additional KeyInfo child elements
    • Describe use of XML Encryption EncryptedKey and DerivedKey Elements
    • Add DEREncodedKeyValue - new representation for public keys
    • Add KeyInfoReference - alternative to RetrievalMethod access to a KeyInfo element that does not require use of a Transform
  • Clarify for RetrievalMethod that a Transform is needed to obtain content of KeyInfo referenced by ID
  • Encourage use of new KeyInfoReference element instead of RetrievalMethod
  • Added profile of RFC 4050 with respect to ECDSA key formats.

2.4.2 X509Data Changes

  • Support revocation checking by adding dsig11:OCSPResponse to list of elements that may be included
  • Add dsig11:X509Digest to list of elements that may be included, to support reference via base64-encoded digest of a certificate
  • Add that the recommended certificate encoding is BER or DER subset.
  • Deprecate and add note regarding use of X509IssuerSerial and possible issue with schema validation when large serial numbers are used.
  • Add note about the need to sign entire structure as a unit when using X509Data in explicitly trusted scenarios.

2.5 Clarifications

2.6 Security Considerations Changes

2.7 Other Changes

A. References

A.1 Informative references

D. Eastlake, J. Reagle, D. Solo, F. Hirsch, T. Roessler, K. Yiu. XML Signature Syntax and Processing Version 1.1. 18 October 2012. W3C Last Call Working Draft. (Work in progress) URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/2012/WD-xmldsig-core1-20121018/