Techniques for WCAG 2.0

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WAI-ARIA Technology Notes

To improve accessibility, WAI-ARIA provides Web developers with the option to add the following semantic information to Web pages and rich Internet widgets which are then exposed to the browser:

The combination of these features and the structural information conveyed by the DOM structure allow authors to produce an interoperable solution to assistive technologies. (Source: WAI-ARIA Overview)

User Agent Support for WAI-ARIA

User Agent support for WAI-ARIA varies, but overall support for WAI-ARIA is improving. Browsers which support WAI-ARIA map WAI-ARIA roles and properties to platform accessibility APIs.

Accessibility Support for WAI-ARIA

Using technologies in an Accessibility Supported way is required for conformance claims. Read more about Accessibility Support. The WCAG Working Group plans to review which WAI-ARIA techniques are sufficient when Accessible Rich Internet Application specifications reach W3C recommendation status. Refer to WAI-ARIA Overview for the latest information on the status of WAI-ARIA.