B. XHTML 2.0 RELAX NG Definition


This appendix is normative.

This appendix contains the implementation of the XHTML 2.0 RELAX NG driver file.

B.0.1. RELAX NG XHTML 2.0 Driver

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grammar ns="http://www.w3.org/2002/06/xhtml2"

  <x:h1>RELAX NG schema for XHTML 2.0</x:h1>

    Copyright &#xA9;2003-2004 W3C&#xAE; (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved.

      Editor:   Masayasu Ishikawa &lt;mimasa@w3.org&gt;
      Revision: $Id: xhtml2.rng,v 1.34 2004/07/21 10:33:05 mimasa Exp $

    Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this RELAX NG schema
    for XHTML 2.0 and its accompanying documentation for any purpose and
    without fee is hereby granted in perpetuity, provided that the above
    copyright notice and this paragraph appear in all copies. The copyright
    holders make no representation about the suitability of this RELAX NG
    schema for any purpose.

    It is provided "as is" without expressed or implied warranty.
    For details, please refer to the W3C software license at:

      <x:a href="http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/copyright-software"

    <x:h2>XHTML 2.0 modules</x:h2>

    <x:h3>Attribute Collections Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-attribs-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Document Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-document-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Structural Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-structural-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Text Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-text-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Hypertext Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-hypertext-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>List Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-list-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Metainformation Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-meta-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Object Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-object-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Scripting Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-script-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Style Attribute Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-inlstyle-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Style Sheet Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-style-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Tables Module</x:h3>
    <include href="xhtml-table-2.rng"/>

    <x:h3>Support Modules</x:h3>

    <x:h4>Datatypes Module</x:h4>
    <include href="xhtml-datatypes-2.rng"/>

    <x:h4>Events Module</x:h4>
    <include href="xhtml-events-2.rng"/>

    <x:h4>Param Module</x:h4>
    <include href="xhtml-param-2.rng"/>

    <x:h4>Caption Module</x:h4>
    <include href="xhtml-caption-2.rng"/>

    <x:h2>XML Events module</x:h2>
    <include href="xml-events-1.rng"/>

    <x:h2>Ruby module</x:h2>

    <include href="full-ruby-1.rng">

      <define name="Inline.class">

      <define name="NoRuby.content">
        <ref name="Text.model"/>


    <define name="Inline.model">

    <define name="Text.class" combine="choice">
      <ref name="ruby"/>

    <x:h2>XForms module</x:h2>
    <x:p>To-Do: work out integration of XForms</x:p>
    <!--include href="xforms-11.rng"/-->

    <x:h2>XML Schema instance module</x:h2>
    <include href="XMLSchema-instance.rng"/>