SVG Tiny Version 1.2 Requirements

W3C Working Draft 09 December 2003

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Chris Lilley, W3C <chris@w3.org>


This document specifies requirements for SVG Tiny 1.2, a backwardly-compatible update of SVG Tiny 1.1 which adds some new features from SVG 1.2 add adds other features based on implementor and designer feedback on SVG Tiny 1.1.

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This document is the first public working draft of the SVG Tiny 1.2 requirements. It lists new requirements for SVG Tiny 1.2, compared to SVG Tiny 1.1. The requirements are grouped into those derived from use cases for SVG Tiny, then General, Architectural, and Functional requirements.

This document has been produced by the W3C SVG Working Group as part of the W3C Graphics Activity within the Interaction Domain.

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This document uses the following definitions:

This specification will track the SVG 1.2 specification regarding an image/application split.

1. Use Cases

USE 1.  SVGT 1.2 must support progressively downloadable long cartoon animations.

USE 2.  SVGT 1.2 must support controllable progressive rendering of large static content.

USE 3.  SVGT 1.2 must support scalable, interactive maps.

USE 4.  SVGT 1.2 must support scalable, animated icons.

USE 5.  SVGT 1.2 must support multimedia content.

USE 6.  SVGT 1.2 must support the ability to create visually compelling content.

USE 7.  SVGT 1.2 should allow specification of a thumbnail of an SVG document.

USE 8.  SVGT 1.2 must support game development.

USE 9.  SVGT 1.2 must support simple user interfaces.

2. General

GEN 1.  Two profiles are defined: SVG Tiny 1.2 ? Image, and SVG Tiny 1.2 ? Application. The profiles must not contain optional parts (i.e. all features must be implemented by all vendors) in order to claim compliance with a profile.

GEN 2.  SVGT 1.2 should clarify authoring guidelines for feature costs to content developers

GEN 3.  SVGT 1.2 must develop at least 80 detailed conformance tests.

3. Architecture

ARCH 1.  SVGT 1.2 must support a minimal API to control SVG content/animations compatible with other user agents, for the SVG Tiny Application profile.

ARCH 2.  SVGT 1.2 must support starting and stopping an audio clip.

ARCH 3.  SVGT 1.2 must support switching between different audio formats

4. Functional

4.1 Rendering

FUN 1.  SVGT 1.2 should provide ability to provide hints to guide quality vs. speed for rendering text, shapes, and images (use case 1,2,3).

FUN 2.  SVGT 1.2 should support non-scaling objects (use case 3).

FUN 3.  SVGT 1.2 must support non-scaling stroke (use case 3).

4.2 Document Structure

FUN 4.  SVGT 1.2 should support SVG content organized in pages (use case 1).

FUN 5.  SVGT 1.2 should support rendering level of detail (use case 3).

FUN 6.  SVGT 1.2 should support keyboard navigation - the specification of the navigation in a scene using keys.

4.3 Opacity

FUN 7.  SVGT 1.2 must support fill opacity.

FUN 8.  SVGT 1.2 must support stroke opacity.

4.4 Gradients

FUN 9.  SVGT 1.2 must support subset of linear gradients (use case 1-5).

FUN 10.  SVGT 1.2 should support subset of radial gradients. (use case 1-4).

4.5 Text

FUN 11.  SVGT 1.2 should support minimal text layout

4.6 Animation

FUN 12.  SVGT 1.2 should allow specification of a certain point in time for static rendering of an animation (e.g. for thumbnails) (use case 7).

FUN 13.  SVGT 1.2 should allow specification of a thumbnail of an SVG document (use case 7).

FUN 14.  SVGT 1.2 shouldsupport raster sprite animation.

4.7 Interactivity

FUN 15.  SVGT 1.2 must support interactivity (GEN.2).

4.8 Scripting

FUN 16.  SVGT 1.2 Application must support scripting (DSM or DOM subset).

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