XSL 1.0 Test Suite

28 August 2001

This is the Test Suite for the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL 1.0) Proposed Recommendation. It was written by the XSL Working Group during the Candidate Recommendation period (from 21 Nov 2000 to 28 August 2001).


The test were contributed by the Working Group and third parties and are organized as follows:

Each set of tests here is being maintained by its contributor who may make updated or corrected versions available independently.


The test results were submitted by implementors, or run by the WG with the approval of the concerned parties.

Test results are provided in order to assess implementation status of the XSL specification and are not intended to be a comparative survey of implementations. The results are valid on the date this Test Suite was released, for the software versions mentioned on the results page. Further versions may produce different results.

Summary of tests results

The DTD used for tests description and result is was written by NIST, augmented and edited by Paul Grosso with review and subsequent minor changes by the Working Group, Mary Brady and Shinyu Murakami. The style sheets used to format the results were written by Tony Graham and Max Froumentin.

This test suite and results are also available as one big zip file (33 Mb).

Max Froumentin.

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