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Open Actions

There are 53 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-98 (edit) pending review Update CR Exit criteria to latest wording for CSS3 Template module Bert Bos 2008-08-29 CSS3 Template Layout
ACTION-677 (edit) pending review Collect and send webvtt feddback Bert Bos 2015-04-08
ACTION-34 (edit) open Ask Chris L to gather the information on compositing clamping are report that back to the WG. Bert Bos 2008-04-04 CSS3 Color
ACTION-72 (edit) open Write blog entry on generated content, accesibility, and separation of content and style Bert Bos 2008-07-16
ACTION-81 (edit) open Ask OMA what mobile world thinks about removing vertical text descriptions from Marquee Bert Bos 2008-07-30 CSS3 Marquee
ACTION-95 (edit) open Work out what is missing from Box Module and ask dbaron for it Bert Bos 2008-08-28
ACTION-97 (edit) open Come up with a proposal for implicit video controls Bert Bos 2008-08-29
ACTION-107 (edit) open Review svg draft Bert Bos 2008-09-24
ACTION-109 (edit) open Publish CSS3 Marquee as CR Bert Bos 2008-10-08
ACTION-119 (edit) open Propose new wording Bert Bos 2008-12-03 CSS2.1
ACTION-124 (edit) open Propose specific wording on complete text for what is inserted and deleted for bracket/quote parsing Bert Bos 2009-03-04
ACTION-131 (edit) open Put text from into css3-2d-transforms and request publication. Bert Bos 2009-03-13
ACTION-139 (edit) open Make the changes in Bert Bos 2009-04-15
ACTION-161 (edit) open Publish flexbox as FPWD Bert Bos 2009-07-08
ACTION-162 (edit) open Publish css3-images as FPWD Bert Bos 2009-07-08
ACTION-171 (edit) open And fantasai solve this issue Bert Bos 2009-08-12
ACTION-172 (edit) open Come up with exact wording for CSS2.1 Issue 128 Bert Bos 2009-08-26
ACTION-187 (edit) open Add display:run-in discussion to TPAC wiki agenda Bert Bos 2009-11-04
ACTION-189 (edit) open Draft an FAQ on when the CSS WG adds a new property Bert Bos 2009-11-09
ACTION-198 (edit) open Edit box model to add start and end to float Bert Bos 2009-12-09
ACTION-204 (edit) open Review this issue Bert Bos 2010-01-20
ACTION-233 (edit) open Write proposal for issue 118. Bert Bos 2010-06-02
ACTION-236 (edit) open Add example about clearance for issue 157. Bert Bos 2010-06-02
ACTION-247 (edit) open Write updated proposal for 118 Bert Bos 2010-08-11
ACTION-249 (edit) open Make the above edit for issue 183. Bert Bos 2010-08-30
ACTION-253 (edit) open Fix the prose for issue 196 to match the grammar. Bert Bos 2010-08-30
ACTION-268 (edit) open Ping MikeSmith about getting IPDF people at TPAC. Bert Bos 2010-10-06
ACTION-291 (edit) open Propose CSS2.1 edit to remove run-in and move to CSS3 Box Bert Bos 2011-02-09
ACTION-293 (edit) open Finish outstanding 2.1 edits Bert Bos 2011-02-16
ACTION-302 (edit) open Re-edit 215 to take into account bidi-reordered boxes on the same line. Bert Bos 2011-03-14
ACTION-305 (edit) open Edit 232 and review for correctness. Bert Bos 2011-03-14 CSS2.1
ACTION-312 (edit) open Make publication Bert Bos 2011-03-15
ACTION-325 (edit) open Edit charter per notes above Bert Bos 2011-06-10
ACTION-326 (edit) open Publish css3-regions as FPWD Bert Bos 2011-06-10
ACTION-372 (edit) open Fix indexer to be speech-friendly Bert Bos 2011-10-26
ACTION-394 (edit) open Create issue against CSS 2.1 corresponding to ACTION-393. Bert Bos 2011-11-07
ACTION-412 (edit) open Fix the grammar per dbaron's post Bert Bos 2011-12-21
ACTION-452 (edit) open Tell WAIPF that they need to give feedback asap for image values Bert Bos 2012-02-29
ACTION-502 (edit) open Add errata to css3-color errata ist about currentcolor, (as in above URL) Bert Bos 2012-08-22
ACTION-529 (edit) open Add errata to 2.1 about non-ascii from 0x80 Bert Bos 2013-02-06
ACTION-533 (edit) open Update errata, CSS2.1 spec for bug 15392 Bert Bos 2013-02-12
ACTION-537 (edit) open (with help from jdaggett) to move the css3 module preprocessor scripts from the member-only css3-src tree into the hg public tree due 2013-06-01 Bert Bos 2013-02-13
ACTION-539 (edit) open Propose text for the resolution above Bert Bos 2013-02-13
ACTION-540 (edit) open Write-up CSS design principle of defining CSS features to allow implementations to potentially do as high fidelity layout / presentation as possible. Bert Bos 2013-02-13
ACTION-542 (edit) open Work with Elika remove material on sizing in Box module and incorporate equivalent material into Sizing module. Bert Bos 2013-02-13
ACTION-549 (edit) open Ask systeam if subscribing only to certain tags on www-style is possible Bert Bos 2013-03-13
ACTION-591 (edit) open Create wiki page to list tests needed for errata, ppl can sign up to work on them Bert Bos 2013-11-17
ACTION-644 (edit) open Republish css3-box with obnoxious note pointing to css2.1 Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-651 (edit) open Republish dommatrix as gutted note, replaced by geometry interfaces Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-699 (edit) open Take rossen text and export it to level 2 Bert Bos 2015-07-08
ACTION-733 (edit) open Republish speech Bert Bos 2015-11-03
ACTION-734 (edit) open Publish update wd to box model in 4 weeks Bert Bos 2015-11-03
ACTION-804 (edit) open Make the change to 2.1 for the abspos resolution Bert Bos 2016-12-07

Open Issues

There are 15 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-37 (edit)
slot border
RAISED Can a slot have a border and if so, where is it drawn? 2008-04-17 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-38 (edit)
align columns
RAISED Align content in a column on decimal points, etc. 2008-04-17 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-48 (edit)
differing page templates
RAISED Where is content displayed if the next page doesn't have a slot for it? 2008-05-14 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-81 (edit)
RAISED Biblio ref for marquee should be CSS3MARQUEE, not CSS3BOX 2008-12-15 CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 & 2.0 0
ISSUE-82 (edit)
RAISED The biblio ref for Mobile BP is out of date 2008-12-15 CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 & 2.0 0
ISSUE-107 (edit) RAISED ruby-position: undesirable default value 'before' for complex ruby 2009-05-25 CSS3 Ruby 0
ISSUE-125 (edit) RAISED Non-rectangular slots 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-126 (edit) RAISED Chaining regions 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-127 (edit) RAISED Abbreviations for large templates 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-199 (edit) RAISED Comma to separate rows in template (accessibility) 2011-11-28 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-201 (edit) RAISED Use numbers in a template to refer directly to the nth child? 2011-12-01 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-202 (edit) RAISED Add random() function 2011-12-12 CSS4 Values and Units 0
ISSUE-280 (edit) RAISED copyfit text 2012-10-04 CSS4 Text 0
ISSUE-300 (edit) OPEN Colum rules and stacking level 2013-02-04 CSS Multi-Column Layout 0
ISSUE-340 (edit) RAISED Define which ::pseudo:pseudo combinations are invalid and which just never match 2013-07-02 Selectors Level 4 0

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