ISSUE-127: Abbreviations for large templates

Abbreviations for large templates

CSS3 Template Layout
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Bert Bos
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Templates with some columns that are only a small fraction of the width require large templates. E.g., to make a column that is 1/20th of the total width, one needs a 20-column template, such as:

display: "abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"

Although this makes it very easy to see that the first column is narrow, it makes it less easy to see exactly *how* narrow, and it requires a bit of typing. It has therefore been suggested to allow numbers in addition to the '*'. One way would be a multiplier for the '*':

display: "ab" * 19*

any multiple of those would work, too:

display: "ab" 5* 95*

(One could even omit the '*' altogether: 'display: "ab" 1 19'. However, the most common number will be 1 and numbers are also easily confused with dimensions when there are several of both next to each other.)

Of course, the same abbreviation would also work for the height of rows.
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