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ISSUE-37 (edit)
slot border
RAISED Can a slot have a border and if so, where is it drawn? 2008-04-17 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-38 (edit)
align columns
RAISED Align content in a column on decimal points, etc. 2008-04-17 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-48 (edit)
differing page templates
RAISED Where is content displayed if the next page doesn't have a slot for it? 2008-05-14 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-123 (edit) RAISED Template Syntax Lacks Clue and Experimentability 2010-05-07 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-125 (edit) RAISED Non-rectangular slots 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-126 (edit) RAISED Chaining regions 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-127 (edit) RAISED Abbreviations for large templates 2010-05-31 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-199 (edit) RAISED Comma to separate rows in template (accessibility) 2011-11-28 CSS3 Template Layout 0
ISSUE-201 (edit) RAISED Use numbers in a template to refer directly to the nth child? 2011-12-01 CSS3 Template Layout 0

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ACTION-98 (edit) pending review Update CR Exit criteria to latest wording for CSS3 Template module Bert Bos 2008-08-29 CSS3 Template Layout

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