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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-283 (edit) RAISED Define relation of pages in space, and how this interrelates with bleed 2012-10-28 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-304 (edit) RAISED marks and bleed 2013-02-12 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-307 (edit) RAISED Conflicting requirements for the initial containing block 2013-02-20 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-308 (edit) RAISED @page size declarations qualified by Media Queries 2013-02-20 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-309 (edit) RAISED Media Queries based on the page size 2013-02-20 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-315 (edit) RAISED Viewport-percentages units in the page context 2013-02-24 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-325 (edit) RAISED Fixed positioning on content-empty pages? 2013-04-23 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-334 (edit) RAISED counter-reset: page 2013-06-04 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-335 (edit) RAISED Rewrite stacking in terms of Appendix E 2013-06-06 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-336 (edit) RAISED Page box: rectangle vs. CSS box 2013-06-06 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-337 (edit) RAISED Simplify page-margin box layout 2013-06-06 CSS3 Paged Media 0
ISSUE-338 (edit) RAISED Interactions with user settings in printing UI 2013-06-06 CSS3 Paged Media 0

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