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Melinda Grant, Hewlett-Packard Co.


This Test Suite has been designed primarily to prove implementability of the CSS3 Paged Media specification.

It is also intended to help implementers evaluate conformance to CSS3 Paged Media. It draws from the CSS 2.1 test suite, and adds tests for new properties defined by CSS3 Paged Media.

Table of Contents

Status of the test suite

This is the initial release of the test suite for the CSS3 Paged Media specification. This version should be considered an alpha release.  Coverage at this point is probably roughly 30%.

Feedback and discussion regarding the CSS3 Paged Media Test Suite should be sent to public-css-testsuite@w3.org (archive). Please preface the subject line with '[css3 page]'. Send mail to public-css-testsuite@w3.org with "Subject: subscribe" to subscribe to this list.

Overview of the test suite

CSS3 Paged Media depends on the CSS 2.1 specification for the normative definition of all underlying requirements (e.g., syntax, the cascade, inheritance, etc).  It has no dependencies on other CSS3 modules.

  1. CSS 2.1
  2. CSS3 Paged Media

Tests utilized by this suite are drawn from two different locations:

  1. XHTML tests from the CSS 2.1 test suite.
  2. Tests from the CSS3 Page test suite directory.

Most of these tests are designed to be printed, and include the test name at the start and end of the test.  They also display a description of what is being tested within a div of class 'testPurpose'.  The style sheet "test.css" within the "support" directory can be modified to not display this information. For additional background, see the CSS testsuite documentation. Tests follow the CSS authoring guidelines.

The tests themselves are composed as XHTML 1.1 documents.

For each feature, there will be at least one page which tests the feature in various ways, using XHTML markup. The test pages are broken out into a number of sections which reflect the structure of the CSS3 Paged Media specification itself.

The CSS3 Paged Media Test Suite

The test suite is organized by testable assertions extracted from the CSS3 Paged Media specification: CSS3 Paged Media Testlist.

Implementation results may be reported using the CSS3 Paged Media report template.

Feedback regarding the CSS3 Paged Media Test Suite should be sent to public-css-testsuite@w3.org.