W3C CSS1 Test Suite


Through a combination of common interest and serendipity, three people became the driving forces behind the creation of the CSS1 Test Suite:

The CSS1 Test Suite was first opened for public comment in late April 1998, being housed on CWRU's Web server at that time. In early May 1998, the Suite was moved over to the W3C Web server and announced to the general public in a press release by the W3C. After a few months of revisions and corrections, the CSS1 Test Suite was declared completed in conjunction with the release of the revised CSS1 specification on 17 December 1998.

In addition to the three people mentioned above, the following people made various contributions to the project:

Without the help of these individuals, and all those who took time to send us their comments, suggestions, and concerns, the Test Suite would be far less than it is today. Our deepest thanks go to them all.