The style sheet workshop was held in Paris Nov 6-7. Here are the notes.

W3C Workshop on Style Sheets

November 6-7, 1995

Paris, France

Organized by the World Wide Web Consortium and INRIA.

Workshop Profile

For background information on web style sheets, see the style sheet resource page.

Style sheets have the potential of adding style to the web without sacrificing device-independence or document structure. Instead of adding visual tags to HTML, style sheets attach presentational information to the structure of SGML and HTML documents.

The goal of the workshop is to present the current status of style sheets, and to provide a forum for discussing future development and deployment of style sheets on the web. We want to bring together browser implementors, content providers and the people behind current style sheet initiatives. The outcome of the workshop will help W3C focus its effors in this area. In particular, we hope the workshop will produce a list of short term objectives to standarization, and a list of volunteers from member organizations committed to providing a specified amount of their time to help bring these things about on a given timescale.

The workshop will run over two days. On the first day, presenters will describe proposed style sheet mechanisms, demonstrate current software, and outline their views on future deployment. On the second day, smaller discussion groups will identify work, specifications and code needed for style sheet deployment on the web.

Some likely discussion topics:

Preliminary Agenda

Chair/facilitator: Steven Pemberton (CWI)

Monday 6 November:

We also invite presentations from W3C member companies. Please contact Håkon Lie ( if you want to present.

There will be an informal workshop dinner Monday night.

Tuesday 7 November

Organizational information

Workshop chair: Steven Pemberton (CWI)
Program coordinator: Håkon Lie
Administrative coordinator: Josiane Roberts (

The workshop will take place at INRIA/Rocquencourt, close to Versailles outside Paris.

Unless otherwise arranged, workshop participants must book and pay their own travel and accomodation. Lunch, coffee and an informal dinner on Monday night will be covered by W3C.

The workshop is open for W3C member representatives (one per member), and researchers in the field can participate by invitation. There is no registeration fee. To register, please contact:

  Josiane Roberts
  phone: +33 1 39 63 51 02
  fax:   +33 1 39 54 38 50

  BP 105
  Domaine de Voluceau