ISSUE-40: Deprecate the "Post" activity

Deprecate the "Post" activity

Activity Streams 2.0
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James Snell
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AS1 used the "Post" activity as the default. It's a bit strange as defined. It means things like "John posted the picture" or "John created a note", etc. There are a few natural ambiguities to it. We have "Create" and "Add" as more specific alternatives that should be preferred. We cannot dump "Post" entirely because it's used in existing AS1 implementations, but we ought to deprecate it's use.
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Post not present in latest WD

Pavlik elf, 23 Oct 2015, 17:27:26

Closing without objections. Thanks for resolving this.

Tantek Çelik, 24 Nov 2015, 19:11:45

(discussed at Social Web WG telcon 2015-11-24)

Tantek Çelik, 24 Nov 2015, 19:12:17

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