Participants and Position Papers

There was a great deal of interest in this workshop. Because of our desire to limit attendance to a workable size group while maximizing breadth of attendee backgrounds, we limited attendance to one person per position paper, and furthermore we limited attendance to one person per institution.

In some cases, attendees submitted multiple position papers, with the intention of discussing each of their projects or ideas that were relevant to the workshop. We had not anticipated this interpretation of the Call For Participation; our intention was to use the position papers to select participants, not to provide a forum for enumerating ideas and projects. As a compromise, we decided to choose among the submitted papers and allow multiple position papers per person and per institution, but to restrict attendance as noted above. Hence, in the paper list below there are some cases where one author or institution has multiple position papers.

Institution Attendee and Email Link Paper Authors and Paper Link
(Independent Consultant) Cecilia Preston Preston@Well
@Home Network Mike Schwartz Schwartz@Home
AOL/WebCrawler Martijn Koster Koster@Webcrawler
Apache HTTP Server Project Robert Thau Thau@Apache
AT&T Fred Douglis Douglis@ATT
Bellcore Kshitij Shah Shah@Bellcore, Hirsh@Bellcore, Shklar@Rutgers
Blue Angel Technologies Margaret St. Pierre StPierre@BluAngel
Bunyip Info. Systems, Inc. Leslie Daigle Daigle@Bunyip, Mazzucato@Bunyip
c|net: the computer network Pete Lega Lega@CNET, Turk@CNET, Webster@CNET, Barzun@CNET
CNR-IEI (repr. by Ralph LeVan) Bruna@CNR, Favaro@Intecs
Colorado State Univ. Daniel Dreilinger Dreling@CSU
Cornell Univ. Carl Lagoze Lagoze@Cornell
Corp. for Nat'l Res. Initiatives Jeremy Hylton Hylton@CNRI
Crystaliz, Inc. Sankar Virdhagriswaran Virdhagriswaran@Crystaliz
Distr. Systems Tech. Centre Andrew Wood Wood@DSTC, Ward@DSTC, Sue@DSTC, Ianella@DSTC
Distr. Systems Tech. Centre (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Columb@DSTC, Finnigan@DSTC
Excite, Inc. Mike Frumkin Frumkin@Excite, Spencer@Excite
Fulcrum Technologies, Inc. Mike Heffernan Heffernan@Fulcrum
General Magic, Inc. Barry Friedman Friedman@GenMagic
Geodesic Systems Ellen Spertus Spertus@MIT
IBM Corp. Rong Chang Brown@IBM, Chang@IBM, Chong@IBM, Prager@IBM, So@IBM
Index Data (repr. by Ralph LeVan) Hammer@Ping, Favaro@Intecs
InfoSeek Corp. Mike Agostino Kirsch@Infoseek
Knowledge Systems (unable to attend) Akscyn@KS
Lexis-Nexis Chris Buckley Buckley@Lexis-Nexis, Ryall@Lexis-Nexis
Library of Congress Ray Denenberg Denenberg@LOC
Los Alamos National Laboratory Ron Daniel Daniel@LANL
Lycos, Inc. Michael Mauldin Kollar@Lycos, Leavitt@Lycos, Mauldin@Lycos
Microsoft Corp. Wick Nichols Nichols@Microsoft, Joshi@Microsoft
MIT Mark Sheldon Sheldon@MIT, Weiss@MIT, Velez@MIT, Gifford@MIT
NASA Rick Borgen Wagner@JPL, Borgen@JPL
Netscape Commun. Corp. Darren Hardy Hardy@Netscape
NTT Corp. (unable to attend) Francis@NTT
Online Computer Library Center Stuart Weibel Weibel@OCLC
Open Market, Inc. James O'Toole Sheldon@MIT, Weiss@MIT, Velez@MIT, Gifford@MIT
Open Text Corp. Andrew Van Mil Bray@OpenText
Open Text Corp. (can't attend / 1 per inst.) VanMil@OpenText
Oracle Corp. David Robertson Roberts@Oracle
Pica - Centre for Lib. Automation (repr. by Sonya Finnigan) Dekkers@PICA
Polytechnic Univ. Dave Rubin Rubin@Poly
Raytheon Company Tim Niesen Browne@UTK, Hohn@RLIG, Niesen@Raytheon
Stanford Univ. Luis Gravano Gravano@Stanford
Sun Microsystems Gary Adams Adams@Sun, Woods@Sun
Sun Microsystems (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Resnik@Sun, Adams@Sun
Sun Microsystems (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Gramlich@Sun
Tele2/SwipNet Patrik Faltstrom Allen@Bunyip, Faltstrom@SWIP
Transarc Corp. Mic Bowman Bowman@Transarc
UC Davis Ken Weiss Weider@CNIDR, Weiss@UCDavis
UC Davis (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Weider@CNIDR, Weiss@UCDavis
UC Office of the President Clifford Lynch Lynch@UCOP
UC San Francisco John Kunze Kunze@UCSF
Univ. Arizona Udi Manber Manber@Arizona
Univ. Houston - Clear Lake David Eichmann Eichmann@NASA
Univ. Illinois/Urbana Daniel LaLiberte LaLiberte@UIUC
Univ. Tennessee/Knoxville Shirley Browne Browne@UTK, Moore@UTK, Dongarra@UTK
Univ. Tennessee/Knoxville (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Berry@UTK, Browne@UTK
Univ. Washington/MetaCrawler Erik Selberg Selberg@Washington, Etzioni@Washington
US Geological Survey Eliot Christian Christian@USGS
US Geological Survey (can't attend / 1 per inst.) Miller@USGS
Verity, Inc. Nick Arnett Arnett@Verity
Vivid Studios Christian Mogenson Mogensen@Vivid
Xerox Corp. Hinrich Schuetze Schuetze@Xerox

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