Distributed Web Indexing Using Telescript

Rory Ward, Telescript Bard, rory_ward@genmagic.com
Barry Friedman, Code Dependent, barry@genmagic.com
General Magic Inc: http://www.genmagic.com
Submitted to the W3C Workshop on Distributed Indexing/Searching.

Web Indexing Using Telescript

Telescript is an open, object-oriented, remote programming language. It is a platform that enables the creation of active, distributed network applications. There are three simple concepts to the language: agents, places and "go". Agents "go" to places, where they interact with the place or other agents to get work done on a user's behalf. Agents are in fact mobile programs capable of transporting themselves from place to place in a Telescript network. Telescript contains mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of mobile programs and the servers that host them.

Telescript documentation and software is available at General Magic's web site. General Magic is proposing a Common Agent Platform that would allow the development of interoperable agents using a variety of programming languages. See the position paper at http://www.genmagic.com/internet/cap/w3c-paper.htm for more information.

Telescript technology offers the ability to distribute indexing to the sites where the content resides. A search engine operator can develop an agent that can travel to the content site, build an index that meets their needs, and return with the index information.

Each Telescripted web site implements an open, standardized programmatic interface for agents to access local web content. The resident agents do their work autonomously via this API. Their resource consumption and content access is controlled by the site using facilities provided in the Telescript language. Any indexing agent developer can take advantage of the programmatic facilities at Telescripted web sites.

An indexing agent can remain at the web site that is hosting it, and send update agents to its origin when the content is changed (modified, added or removed). The site operator can control the the rate and size of updates.

As Telescripted Web sites become available, they advertise themselves to a central directory. The directory can be used by agent developers to dynamically discover new Telescripted Web sites.

Advantages of this approach

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