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IdOwnerAction ItemDeadlineStatus
AI-20040617-1PC, to extract from minutes useful info on metadata classes into the Wiki, by 2004-06-30 2004-06-30 pending
AI-20040913-1PC, to have a look at the thread on www-qa regarding our test principles applied to GEO Tests, 2004-09-27 pending
AI-20041028-12KD, to raise issue of "umbrella spec" to the Advisory Board after our next publication by 2004-11-28 2004-11-28 pending
AI-20041201-1Karl, to Restore the minutes template to be the correct format by 20041208 2004-12-08 pending
AI-20041201-2Karl, to find W3C documents about different WG roles (Chair, team contact, spec editor, test manager, etc) by 20041208 2004-12-08 pending
AI-20041029-02DH, to incorporate ideas regarding core modules into later version of ViS by 2004-12-10 2004-12-10 pending

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The ID is made as follows : A-YYYY-MMDD-X, where A is for "action", and X is the number of this action item for the YYYY/MM/DD meeting
The person responsible for coordination or realization of this item.
Initials MAY be used here (SHOULD conform to the telcon minutes template), or first name, or full name
Action Item
Action to be done

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