Topics for QA F2F Meeting, March 1, 2002

Topic/issue listing -- supplement to meeting agenda.

  1. P&O Guideline 1 revision (LR):
    (related to issue#53)
  2. P&O Chapter 3 revision (LR):
  3. P&O Guideline 4 comments (LR, KD):
  4. Justify issue#47 (publish in /TR/?) resolution (KD):
  5. Classify/rate/endorse test suites (Rousskov, Gilman):
    relates to issue#44)
  6. ...maybe more...

Issues list processing (in [...] is the affected document, if any):

Basic Agenda

(Extracted from full meeting agenda.)

The overall schedule is to start at 8:45am, and finish at 5pm.

Detailed schedule:


The meeting will focus on the published versions and latest WG versions of:

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