QA WG Last F2F Minutes - Dublin, Ireland - August 2005

The last QA WG F2F has been held in Dublin, Ireland and hosted by Sun Microsystems from Monday 8th of August to Wednesday 10th of August, 2005.

People of the QA WG

Among the topics shovelled during this meeting:

QA Framework Review

QA primer

The last version of the QA Framework Primer is June 23, 2005. The layout of the document will be improved and a review and reorganization of the document for a better usability will be made by Marc Skall and Lynne Rosenthal. If possible, illustrations will be created by Karl Dubost.

QA Handbook

The QA Handbook is in a good shape. It has been published as a W3C WG Note on November 22, 2004. It could certainly be improved but the effort is not worthwhile. Lofton Henderson has accepted to make an editorial review of the QA Handbook before August 31, 2005 and to fix the template associated with the document.

Variability in Specifications

Variability in Specifications has been published as a Working Draft on June 29, 2005. There's a few things to fix like the reorganization of the content. Umbrella Specification concept should be moved in an Appendix and Graphics improvements (Karl Dubost) have to be done. It will be republished as a W3C WG Note before August 31, 2005.

Specification Guidelines

QA Framework: Specification Guidelines has been published as a proposed recommendation on June 29, 2005. The review from the W3C Membership has been positive. We added comments of Susan Lesch and Computer Associates AC Reps review. We clarified the example of Good Practice 19 (Lynne Rosenthal). We also clarified the notion of valid conformance claims by removing “valid” which has a different meaning in W3C culture and might be confusing. The conformance clause template will be finished by August 17 by Karl Dubost. The document will be published on August 17, 2005 as a W3C Recomendation.

Test FAQ

The Test FAQ will be revised and cross-checked with regards to the last version of Specification Guidelines and the new Test Case Data Model created at this meeting. The document will reviewed by August 31, 2005 by Patrick Curran and by NIST people through Lynne Rosenthal by August 24, 2005.

Test Case Data Model

The group has actively worked on a Test Case Data Model, identifying the main metadata associated to an individual test case, removing at the maximum things which were process related, that were too much dependent of the type of technology. Patrick Curran will put the results of the QA WG together and write an introduction and list of issues to solve. The document will be published as a W3C WG Note and will be the basis of future work for the new QA IG. Deadline for publication is on August 31, 2005.

Future work in QA Interest Group and rechartering

The QA IG expires on August 31, 2005. After checking if the members of the QA WG are willing to participate and commit a certain amount of time to a QA IG. It has been decided to propose the rechartering of QA IG. The person agreed that the new QA IG will be successful if people are willing to dedicate time and effort on topics of their interests. The logistics, the topics, the modus operandi have been discussed during the F2F. Karl Dubost will propose a new charter before August 18, 2005 and it will be discussed on August 22 Teleconference.

Action Items

Id owner task deadline
AI-20050808-10 KD will add Examples and improve the layout of the conformance clause template 2005-08-10
AI-20050808-9 KD in relation to removing the word “valid” from conformance claim in Specification Guidelines, will check the TOC, ICS and check for “valid conformance claim” in prose and any other things that depend on this 2005-08-12
AI-20050808-5 KD to improve graphics in Variability in Specifications document 2005-08-17
AI-20050808-1 LH to create a TOC list of QA Handbook Good Practices 2005-08-22
AI-20050808-4 DH to reorganize Variability in Specifications document (Umbrella Spec in appendix, etc.) 2005-08-22
AI-20050810-2 PC to write the document for the Test Case Model 2005-08-24
AI-20050808-8 LR to give Test FAQ to NIST people and receive comments 2005-08-24
AI-20050810-1 KD to create a better layout for QA Primer 2005-08-26
AI-20050810-9 KD to create Graphics for QA Primer with the suggestion of LR 2005-08-30
AI-20050808-1 MS, LR to improve language and improve usability of the QA Primer 2005-08-31
AI-20050808-2 LH to complete editorial pass of the QA Handbook 2005-08-31
AI-20050808-3 LH to provide an estimate of what it would take to fix the template 2005-08-31
AI-20050808-6 KD to republish Variability in Specifications in TR space, as a W3C WG Note 2005-08-31
AI-20050808-7 PC To review Test FAQ with suggestions for enhancements and improvement (taking into account the modification of Test Case Model) 2005-08-31
AI-20050810-10 RK to review the document the Test Case Model document written by Patrick 2005-08-26
AI-20050810-11 KD to publish Test Case Model 2005-08-31

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