QA WG/IG F2F Minutes - Reading, UK, 27-29 October 2004

This document tries to summarize the bulk of the discussions during this two-and-a-half-days meeting. The full minutes are also linked for reference.

The QA Team and Working group would like to thank The Open Group, and Andrew Thackrah in particular, for the gracious hosting of this meeting in Open Group's offices in Reading.

Table of Contents


Below is the list of participants to the meeting, along with their initials (used at some points in the minutes).

Raw minutes

These are the (raw) minutes for each discussion session, as written by their respective scribes. For a quick overview of the discussions, a summary is also provided.

Discussions summary

Wednesday, 27 October, AM

QA and QAWG future

The working group will continue and at least push SpecGL through Last Call, what happens next will depend on how well we manage to get a good response to this publication

Test GL

Dimitris has been doing work/research on test frameworks (relevant for TestG)L, and thinks our material is too remote from what WGs do. It is unlikely that the working group will be abole to work further on TestGL, but it will be interesting to see Dimitris' findings.

Interest Group

The IG has not been very active, except for tools development. The WG discussed how the tools development could be expanded to more tools, with member participants. Also, planning to revive community discussion on www-qa list.

TAG/webarch comments

Satisfying outcome, closing the issue.

Chairing the QAWG

Many thanks and acknowledgments for Lofton's work as chair, and discussion on how to improve how the WG is generally managed.

Wednesday, 27 October, PM

QA Handbook

Distinction between Principles and Good Practices: the terminology is not consistent. Lofton will try to find a replacement name for "principles", the rest will be "good practices".

AI-20041027-01: Lofton to find a replacement name for "principles" in QAH

Principles & Good Practice statement are too long - should we make them shorter - declarative? The problem is not with the imperative but the length.

AI-20041027-02: Lofton to break down larger statements

AI-20041027-03: Lofton to make sub topics inside Good Practice have consistent names between QAH & SpecGL

Publication schedule

Agreement on publication before moratorium. Next cycle we will produce a note to condense test GL.

QA Framework Primer

Dom will rewrite (for Nov. 25), Karl and Lynne will review.

Thursday, 28 October, AM Through Fri, 29 October, AM

Specifications Guidelines issues processing

Processing all the 13 issues for SpecGL listed in the agenda.

Issue 01: make sure that people know that principles are normative and rest is informative.

the glossary cannot be normative, removing from list of normative references

Issue 02: Technique on determining a conformance model is too profile/module/level focused.

LR and MS will work on it by Nov. 5

Issue 03: normative references versus future versions

AI-2004102801 - Karl to create Wiki topic to address the issues involved in normative references by Nov. 4.

AI-2004102802 - Karl to write principle and good practice on normative references, including time considerations, super setting or sub setting, breaking conformance by Nov. 4.

Issue 04: 3.1 Good Practice C: needs new wording

Resolved: use "unfamiliar terms" instead of "terms".

Issue 05: 4.1 Good Practice A "Use cases" was too specific.

Resolved: Take out "by the variety of use cases"

Issue 06: reviews of 2.1 Good Practice C

Karl will merge the two rewrites into the document.

Issue 07: Reference to TestGL to be removed.


Issue 08: Examples given by Jeremy Carroll for DOV

Will use his example/story

Issue 11: Not strong enough about mandatory modules.

Patrick will rewrite.

Issue 13: Numbering schemes

QAH - sequential

Thursday, 28 October, PM

Discussion of Principles that seem to be non-testable. See raw minutes for details.

Friday, 29 October, AM

Specifications Guidelines issues processing

Issue 09: David's Marston answer to the TAG about versioning

AI-20041029-01 - Dom to review and recommend disposition

Issue 12: Mandatory Modules in Vis

AI-20041029-02 - Dom to incorporate ideas regarding core modules into later version of ViS

SpecGL Review Techniques and Examples

See raw minutes for details.

Future meetings

Teleconferences are moved to Wednesdays. Next call 10 November. Set up special telecom for Last Call.

Next F2F : during Tech Plenary - week of 28 Feb.


Many thanks to Andrew and the Open Group for excellent meeting facilities, providing refreshments/lunch and for the good weather.

Summary of action items

Here is a list of all action items from the raw minutes.
Actual content of the items had to be guessed in cases where the scribe had used vague term such as "X to do it" or "Y to write something"...

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