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May, 2003

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"Month in QA" is a monthly summary of the main topics discussed on, the public mailing-list of W3C QA Interest Group and, the public mailing-list of W3C's QA Working Group.

The regular editor for "MonthinQA" is Lynne Rosenthal, NIST, co-chair of the QA Interest Group.

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Topics for this period

New version of TestGL

The QA WG has published an updated wroking draft of the QA Framework Test Guideline. Feedback on the draft is welcome. This second published WD represents a major reorganization and restructuring. Although it lacks much detail, the set of Guidlines and Checkpoints is complete. The QA WG requests comments and askes that reviewers focus on the organization and strucutre and the collection of Guidelines an dCheckpoints. Please send your feedback to this public list,

OpsGL commitment table removed

If you read the Operational Guidelines and were confused by the Commitment Table, you are not alone. As a result of the many last call comments on this Table and related checkpoints, we deleted the Table and modified the checkpoints. The objective of the Table is to get WGs to think about QA early on and to indicated their commitment to implement various quality paractices in their operating procedures and with respect to their deliverables. To do this, the checkpoints asks the WG to indicate their intent to satisfy (conform) to the QA Framework documents. This commitment is one of intention, not actual performance.

See Thread

Is a QA (test) Process Document really necessary?

Yes.The Operational Guidelines require that a WG create a QA or Test Process Document. This is a document that records in one place, key information about the WG's quality- and test-related processes and operational details. But, this doesn't need to be a single, standalone document -- it can be a table of contents, where the TOC links to distributed information. The key is that a reader can easily find the information for a single starting point. Many WGs either have or are working on such a QA or Test Process document (e.g., DOM, XML Core, Schema, CSS).

Recent QA news and resources

If you haven't visited the QA Homepage and QA Resources recently, check them out. There are several new additions.

Meeting minutes

All meeting minutes are available at:

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