QAWG and QAIG face-to-face meeting, Tokyo, October 2002

On this page you will find all necessary details about this meeting : logistics, agenda, link to minutes, etc.

Meeting Logistics


The face-to-face meeting will be held on October 8,9,10 (tuesday - thursday) 2002. Location : Tokyo, Japan.

Meeting Place

The meeting will be hosted by Keio university, and will be held at its MITA Campus in the center of Tokyo, near the Tokyo Tower.

Recommended Accomodation

The Arietta Hotel

The Arietta "Hotel and Trattoria" is a good, (very) cheap (for Japan) hotel conveniently located close to the meeting place (see this "map", the arietta is in the orange bubble, and the meeting place is close to Tokyo tower, a little to the East). We won't be able to negociate a group rate, but their room rate is low anyway.

In order to make a reservation for the hotel you need to send them a fax using their form. Please note that when dialing a number from outside of Japan, you need to drop the "0" on "03". So hotel fax from North America is: 011-81-3-5448-9117.


Getting from the International Airport to the Arietta Hotel

Several transportation means are available, I'll just give one that is fast and convenient for non-japanese speakers.

Getting from the hotel to the f2f location

This is fairly easy when you've done it once, but not easy to explain. You need to take the train (yamanote line) from Gotanda to Tamachi (eastward, towards Tokyo station, 4 stations) then walk to the campus(map).

One in the campus, find the East buidling ( map). The meeting room is in the 4th floor of this building, "project room".

We can meet in front of the station the first day : 09:05 at the (MITA) exit of the JR tamachi station. Do not go down the stairs, we'll meet on the "terrace". Be on time, or print the map to get to the campus.

Other logistical items

useful links

Agenda (draft)

See the detailed agenda.


See the Final minutes.

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