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Chicago, IL, USA, 23-28 August 1998

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The HTTP-NG proposal which is the basis for this HTTP-NG BOF at the IETF Chicago Meeting, August 23-28, is to factor HTTP into three layers, to obtain the well-known benefits of modularity in general and, in particular, better structure the large and growing family of uses of HTTP and HTTP-like protocols:

We expect this three-layer structure will bring many benefits to the Web, including easier evolution of the protocol standard, interface technology that would facilitate Web automation, easier application building, and so on.

Purpose of BOF

The purpose of the BOF is twofold:

  1. to share the experiences that we have gained in the W3C HTTP-NG Project over the last year in working with a prototype of a new model for HTTP based on a distributed object architecture with Internet constraints in mind; and
  2. to gauge the interest in moving the HTTP-NG protocol design work to the IETF and to initiate work on WebMux, the HTTP-NG wire protocol as well as mapping HTTP/1.1 features into this new framework. The goal is to turn the initial set of rough drafts into robust standards track specifications.

Current Status

We have currently an initial set of Working Drafts that describe the proposed HTTP-NG architecture and a rough prototype which implements most of these drafts. We plan to have some real performance measurements by the time of the BOF based on Web data produced by the W3C Web Characterizations Group.

We feel that the time is right to move forward with the HTTP-NG work and directly involve the Web community and the Internet community in general and that there is no question that this should happen within the IETF.

Working Drafts and Notes

Here is the list of current drafts to be discussed at the BOF:


Mailing List

The <www-http-ng-comments@w3.org> mailing list and archives are available for discussions of the HTTP-NG Project. You MUST be subscribed in order to post to this mailing list, see the Mailing list administrativia for details.

Background Information

Check the HTTP-NG overview for more information

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