W3C Workshop on Permissions

5–6 December 2022; Munich, Germany

This workshop has now concluded. You can find the summary report here.

Code of Conduct

Participants in this workshop, as in all W3C activities, are expected to follow the W3C code of ethics and professional conduct and treat each other with respect, professionalism, fairness, and sensitivity to our many differences and strengths.

Issues of inappropriate behavior may be raised with the W3C Ombuds (offline), with designated volunteers at the event, or with any member of the Program Committee.

COVID Health Measures

We are committed to providing an event that is as safe as reasonably possible, and therefore require on-site attendees to comply with testing and masking rules. Even so, please be advised that a risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any event or public space. By attending the event in person, you acknowledge this inherent risk.

Requirements for all in-person attendees

All in-person attendees are strongly encouraged to

Event safety measures

Local and federal health measures

In Germany you will likely be required to wear an FFP2 (or equivalent) mask on all public transit. Note that the rules may change depending on the health situation.