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Manolis Kamvysselis

Home Address
224 Marlborough St. #42
Boston, MA 02116
Tel/fax: (617) 262-6121
Term Address
450 Memorial Dr. A322
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel: (617) 225-9470
Fax: (617) 225-9301
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 95-present, Cambridge, MA
Candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, June 1999.
Courses taken Fall 95 (including advanced placement):
18.01 and 18.02 (Calculus I & II), 8.01 and 8.02 (Physics I & II), 7.012 (Introductory Biology), 5.11 (Principles of Chemistry), 14.01 (Principles of Microeconomics), 6a22 (seminar on the World Wide Web) 21F222 (Expository Writing).
Courses taken in IAP and spring term:
6.001 (Computer Programming), 6.002 (Circuits and Electronics), 6.270 (Autonomous Robot Design Competition), 18.03 (Differential Equations), 21F338 (Survey of French Culture).
GPA: 5.0/5.0
Lycee Francais de New York, 93-95, New York, NY
Received French Baccalaureate Diploma, serie S (math and Sciences) with "Mention Tres-Bien," and the "Felicitations du Jury." Completed Terminale S with Valedictorian Prize, Prize of the President, Prix d'Honneur (Honnor Roll), Professor Edgar Lorch's Prize of Mathematics, Professor Jean Mounier's Prize of Physics, and first prizes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer programming, English, philosophy, and other prizes in French, history, geography, arts.
Presented twice by my professors to a country-wide competition in France (Concours General) for math and English.
President and founder of the Chess Club.
Lycee Paul Cezanne, College Saint Eutrope, 89-93, Aix en Provence, FRANCE
Graduated first out of a class of two thousand. First prize in my city and prefecture on the Concours Kangourou, a math competition for high school students in France. First place in high-school's chess tournament for two consecutive years.
Maraslio Pilot High School, 87-89, Athens, GREECE
Prizes of excellence in all the courses.
Proficiencies Computer Skills:
Programming with Visual C++ for Windows, C for Unix, Interactive C for the Macintosh, Scheme for Unix and Windows, Perl for Unix, Tcl/Tk for Windows and Unix, and Turbo Pascal for DOS. Experience with Windows, Unix, Macintosh and DOS systems and applications. Large experience with HTML 3.2, frames, style sheets, javascript, pdf documents, multiple gifs, form handling with CGI scripts. Typing skills range higher than 70 WPM.
Perfectly fluent in English, French, Greek. Five years of German studies.
Work Experience Building a Constraint Model for a Web Robot, Summer 96, Cambridge, MA
The project consists of building a Constraint Model for a Web Robot. The Robot can traverse the web, validate links, compare pages, search for keywords, verify syntax, and accept commands and constraints in Tcl (tool command language). The Robot is to be extended with a graphical interface. The code is written in C, emulating C++ and documented in HTML. The Robot is distributed as code to be compiled, and therefore can be run on any system that can compile standard C. Project supervised by Henrik Frystyk Nielsen of the W3 Consortium and funded by the Lab for Computer Science at MIT.
Developping World Wide Web sites, Spring 96, Cambridge, MA
Developping a new design for the Information Systems newsletter homepage, in a UROP funded by CWIS (campus wide information systems). Also responsible for the International Student's Association Homepage, and the A-Entry homepage. Assisted in proposing new designs for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science pages at MIT, in the context of a seminar on the World Wide Web. Assisted in setting up UniK's homepage.
Building an Autonomous Robot, January 96, Cambridge, MA
Designed, built, and programmed an autonomous robot in the context of the 6.270 Robot Contest. The Robot was built out of Lego pieces, an electronic board, and components such as touch sensors, light sensors, and infrared.
Multicasting a Conference through the Internet, Fall 95, Cambridge, MA
Set up and broadcast of the Bush research symposium with the Multicast system MBone, which allows real time video and audio communication via the internet, as well as feedback in form of text or drawings by any user of the MBone system. Also responsible of the slides projection companion in real time on the World Wide Web.
Teaching Chess Lessons, 93-95, New York, NY
Developed and taught chess courses for beginners and intermediate players.
Training in an Astronomy Observatory, Summer 93, Aix en Provence, FRANCE
Sky mapping, photo developing, planet studying as an assistant for the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) of France in the Observatory of Provence.
Personal Background Born March 13, 1977 in Athens, Greece. Lived in Greece until 1989 and followed the normal Greek curriculum. Lived in France from 1989 to 1993 and followed the normal French curriculum. Lived in New York from 1993 to 1995 and attended the French High-School of New York in order to take the French Baccalaureate examination. Currently attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where my brother is a junior and my sister is a sophomor. Holding a permanent resident visa.
Hobbies include computer programming, photography and digital image editing, chess, reading, writing poetry, bicycling, swimming, karate, volleyball, drawing, Greek mythology, and traveling.
Activities: Guide for a group of French tourists in New York, Community Service (City Days Festival in Boston, New York City Marathon interpreter), participant in ADF literary competition, prospective of the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB) in MIT. Contributor in highschool's yearbook. Member of soccer, volleyball, and swimming teams. Represented my class in the Shakespeare Competition. Performed one of the main roles in the school's end-of-year musical.

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