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People Hirotaka Nakajima (中島 博敬)

I am a System and Software Engineer at the W3C's Systems Team. This is an exceptional group of individuals responsible for W3C's global server infrastructure. We develop and deploy software for W3C's services to the public and supporting standards development with member and public collaborators. We also participate in the open software and internet community.

As a member of global systems team member, I'm working on IPv4 network/server/application migration to IPv6 and development of VoIP-gateway system for W3C Conference system and Unicorn. Also as a member of W3C/Keio's systems team, I'm working on management of server/network facility and in charge of infrastructures for W3C/Keio.
You can find me at the Keio University SFC office in Fujisawa, Japan.

I came to W3C in April of 2010 from corporate IT and held positions in an Information technology Japanese start-up company. I am also a doctoral student at Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University.

You can find more informations about me on my my personal site and following service.

Hirotaka Nakajima
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Hirotaka Nakajima

Hirotaka Nakajima <hiro@w3.org>

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