HTML Design Notebook

Daniel W. Connolly
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  1. Background
  2. Specification
  3. Documentation for Users and Authors
  4. Discussion
  5. Implementations
  6. Meetings
  7. Related Specs
  8. Related Projects



The HTML 2.0 Specification Review materials includes complete information on the HTML Working group of the IETF, the discussion of the HTML 2.0 specification, mailing list archive, and other supporting materials.

See the Publication History section for pointers to HTML+ and other specifications.

Validation and Maintenance Tools

Have a question about HTML syntax? Enter the questionable data into WebTechs HTML Validation Service and have it checked interactively!

Documentation for Users and Authors

I can't begin to keep up with all the guides, howtos, FAQs etc. for HTML. Some folks out ther do, though:


Electronic Discussion Forums

The WWW HTML Mailing List was recently created by Tim Berners-Lee and some other folks, as an effort to reduce the traffic on www-talk. There is a hypertext archive.
The WWW talk mailing list is the original technical discussion forum for the WWW project. Comments, questions, and proposals are welcome, but please direct Mosaic installation/support questions to comp.infosystems.users or www-talk is maintained by an administrator at CERN. There is also a hypertext archive.
HTML Working Group
IETF Working group for HTML.
A USENET newsgroup for discussion about SGML.
A USENET newsgroup for discussion about WWW. This is a high-traffic, low signal-to-noise discussion forum.
HyperNews page on HTML
Lots of links to other stuff, plus: support for adding your own links!

Some Articles

Parser Implementations

Each implementation has its own quirks w.r.t SGML and HTML:

testbed for HTML 3.0, from Dave Raggett et. al
The Emacs World Wide Web Browser
Followed Mosaic on forms, IMG, etc. Implements everything you ever heard of, and then some.
Netscape Extensions to HTML, and my comments on their extensions with respect to SGML..
NCSA Mosaic 2.5 beta 2
adds tables and some other stuff
Mosaic 2.4
text-based; does forms. Nifty!
Roy Fielding's perl library
Jim Davis's perl HTML parser.
Seems to do comments wrong. I think it's fixed by now, though.
Chimera Home Page
MidasWWW 1.0
Really nifty style-sheet based SGML hypertext widget set. Too bad it got beat out by Mosaic :-(
(PC/MS-Windows) comes from Cornell
Seems to handle most of HTML+.
Linemode from CERN
NeXT by timbl

Other Tools

Related Specs

HTML+ Status
My notes on the history/status of HTML, with a recent (1994-11-02) message from Dave Ragget.
A way to wrap SGML documents up in MIME messages. Should be brought into line with SGML Open catalog files.
TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange
An ambitious application of SGML int the humanities and linguistics domain. The TEI documentation includes lots of good stuff about SGML, which in turn may help folks understand HTML.

Related Resources

This section is hopelessly out of date. DWC 1994-10-14