A Valid SGML document using mcom's Enhancements to HTML

Daniel W. Connolly
$Id: test-mcom.html,v 1.1 1994/10/06 17:42:51 connolly Exp $

ISINDEX changes

HR changes


What's the defautl HR size?

width in pixels:

width in percent:

note: Attribute values have to be either SGML TOKENs (i.e. a string over numbers, letters, hyphen and period), or quoted strings. width=80% is an error. width="80%" or width=80pct would be OK.


Don't shade (i.e. solid bar)

UL changes

OL changes

NOTE: Enumerated attribute values in SGML are not case sensitive. In order to be able to see the distinction between type=A and type=a, you have to make the TYPE attribute a CDATA attribute, and then you lose the ability to detect typos using SGML validation.

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C

LI changes

IMG changes

Alignment changes:

What's the default IMG alignment?

Size specification:

vspace, hspace:

What's the default IMG vspace? hspace?

BR changes

Clear left margin:

What's the default for BR clear?

NOBR: new element

Here's some source code that shouldn't be broken across lines.

WBR: new element

The word supercalifragalisticexpialidotious can be broken.

NOTE: I highly recommend you use the more conventional markup ­ (soft hyphen) for this feature in stead.

FONT, BASEFONT: new elements

A run of text in a bigger font.

NOTE:size=+3 would be a syntax error. You could use something like size=3bigger.

A centered paragraph.

What can you put inside CENTER, anything?

Some folks have suggested <P CENTER> in the past. You might consider using that instead.

reg and copy: new entities

a registrered trademard sign: ®

a copyright symbol: ©