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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Write up the group operations in a wiki (re email, issues, etc.) Nick Telford-Reed 2015-11-06
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Write up list of registration scenarios he mentioned in more detail Adrian Bateman 2015-11-06
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Write up three flows around legacy card payments Matt Saxon 2015-11-13
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Lead discussion among volunteers about creating flows and diagrams Matt Saxon 2015-12-06
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Look into connectivity in both directions between a mailing list and github repo in both directions Doug Schepers 2015-11-13
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Add details to flows wiki page on generating svg from plantuml source. Manu Sporny 2015-11-19
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Work with dezell to socialise the terminology in adrian hb's architecture with wpig Nick Telford-Reed 2015-11-26
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Move google docs list of issues to github wiki Nick Telford-Reed 2015-11-26
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Share iso20022 glossary/terminology Vincent Kuntz 2015-12-18
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Integrate standard flow into web payments cg's browser api spec. Manu Sporny 2015-12-24
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Ping mountie about samsung and escrow flows Nick Telford-Reed 2016-01-14
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Contact the ig chairs about taking up the terms Nick Telford-Reed 2016-02-04
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Create poll for f2f days at tpac 2016 Nick Telford-Reed 2016-03-10
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Look at dates when worldpay could host a meeting Nick Telford-Reed 2016-03-10
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Review payment request api spec by march 15th 2016 (and attempt to do the other ones as well). Manu Sporny 2016-03-17
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Reach out to wg participants to secure reviews Nick Telford-Reed 2016-03-17
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Submit a pr for http api into the proposals folder for the wpwg repo. Manu Sporny 2016-04-07
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Review extensibility wiki by april 20th. Manu Sporny 2016-04-21
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Review the extensibility wiki by 21 april Shane McCarron 2016-04-21
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Work on concrete spec language around currency codes Adam Roach 2016-07-14
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Try to get a security review organized within worldpay Nick Telford-Reed 2016-07-14
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Try to get a security review within bpce Cyril VIGNET 2016-07-14
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Look into what the right practice is if we use urns. Adam Roach 2016-08-04
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Work with chairs + team contacts to formalize who is responsible for the activities mentioned at the ftf around tokenized card payment method spec, and payment method spec good practices Adrian Hope-Bailie 2016-08-04
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Will write a proposal about storing numbers (#2) Adam Roach 2016-08-18
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Follow up with amex about security review of specs Nick Telford-Reed 2016-08-18
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Send link to new eba regs to the wg Nick Telford-Reed 2016-08-25
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Prepare a "state of affairs", due 2016-09-01 Roy McElmurry 2016-09-01
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Ask the list about implementors and what they can support for an extant payment method for testing purposes. Shane McCarron 2016-09-01
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Work on the distinction between open and proprietary Zach Koch 2016-09-08
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Update the spec to mention care in multi-line handling with careof as an example. Zach Koch 2016-09-22
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Write a pull request on what might change around error handling re: addresses Shane McCarron 2016-09-26
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Propose text about why the api can reduce need; without any recommendations Adam Roach 2016-09-26
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Remove the diagram from basic card Zach Koch 2016-09-26
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Organize review of tokenization spec from emv perspective Ben Smith 2016-09-26
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Revise the tokenization specification based on today's feedback Roy McElmurry 2016-09-26
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Work with max to revise the payment manifest proposal Zach Koch 2016-09-27
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Work with chairs/team contacts on a q1 2017 ftf meeting Nick Telford-Reed 2016-10-13
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Flesh out the proposal additionally, with more info about iframes, time window, shopify use case Zach Koch 2016-11-03
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Propose changes to pmi spec and payment manifest spec regarding loosening of the https syntax requirement and secure payment method manifest hosting Adrian Hope-Bailie 2016-12-22
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Ask emvco if they would be ok with our use of short strings this way Nick Telford-Reed 2017-01-12
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Review the CGI required field list for credit transfers (ACH, Wires) and send to the wg list a list of relevant terms for credit transfer spec Vincent Kuntz 2017-01-24
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Experiment with http link header as a means of addressing issue 19 Zach Koch 2017-01-26
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Experiment with http link header as a means of addressing issue 19 Alan Marshall 2017-01-26
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Work with ian to help foster emvco/w3c formal relationshiop Nick Telford-Reed 2017-02-02
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Work with mike to reach out to stan and roy re: test suite help Shane McCarron 2017-02-02
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Try to get samsung to weigh in on issue 19 for decision by 26 Alan Marshall 2017-02-02
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Work with zach on a plan for advancing payment method manifest Dapeng Liu 2017-02-02
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Include mention of http linkers for addressing payment manifest files (in that spec) Zach Koch 2017-02-09
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Do a pull request to tweak intro to section 3 of pmi spec to clarify how pmi is used Adrian Hope-Bailie 2017-02-09
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Gather some questions from merhcants/others Andrew Paliga 2017-02-17
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Check with molly about this proposal re: filters Rouslan Solomakhin 2017-03-02
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Look at whether there are reusable mockups Zach Koch 2017-03-03
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Add an explicit mention of extension point to text on matching in show() and canmakepayment() Adrian Hope-Bailie 2017-03-23
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Triage the pmi list of issues and send to the wg Zach Koch 2017-04-13
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Send email to group about the inter ledger spec and expectation of cfc in 2 weeks Adrian Hope-Bailie 2017-05-11
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Work on a faq entry about relationship of this work to emvco specs Manash Bhattacharjee 2017-05-23
ACTION-58 (edit) closed (e.g., to work with ian) to update mission statement with refined understanding, scope, interoperability goals, benefits Manash Bhattacharjee 2017-06-06
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Begin to write down request/response params Olivier Yiptong 2017-06-06
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Send a request for test resources to the wpwg list Nick Telford-Reed 2017-06-22
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Will raise an issue about whether bin is required (or something similar) in response. Olivier Yiptong 2017-06-27
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Write down requirements /skills for potential testers that would help ensure success and share with the wg Michael[tm] Smith 2017-06-29
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Check with pr api editors to get a revised timeline to cr Roy McElmurry 2017-06-29
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Review the gateway params spec and reframe it Olivier Yiptong 2017-08-15
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Work with adrian and ian to draft a wg charter Nick Telford-Reed 2017-09-14
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Review the proposal and send comments. Chris Marconi 2017-09-26
ACTION-67 (edit) closed And chairs to check with editors on how to manage this list Adrian Hope-Bailie 2017-09-28
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Look into getting resources for testing around payment method manifest Dapeng Liu 2017-11-13
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Help get payment method manifest to call for consensus Nick Telford-Reed 2017-11-14
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Do a pull request on network tokenization spec Ahuja Sachin 2017-11-28
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Draft proposal for this issue to delete 4 and modify 8 to include an expectation about user preference preference Manu Sporny 2017-12-14
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Ask mastercard if they have webauthn implementation experience in payment app Nick Telford-Reed 2017-12-21
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Draft response to web auth wg chairs and circulate among wpwg chairs before sending. Nick Telford-Reed 2017-12-21
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Work with adrianhb and ian on outreach to people regarding the encryption and signature proposal to get feedback, especially around signatures Nick Telford-Reed 2017-12-21
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Review the spec, due 16 january Peter Saint-Andre 2018-01-16
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Announce this and update the meeting page Adrian Hope-Bailie 2018-01-18
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Respond to adam's comment on github Ahuja Sachin 2018-01-23
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Begin to flesh out parameters for request data to help with canmakepayment() matching Keyur Patel 2018-02-06
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Review the encryption spec and add any requirements that come to mind Keyur Patel 2018-02-06
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Review the encryption and signature proposals Peter Saint-Andre 2018-02-06
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Look into good practice around key technology selection, ideally for reference from the encryption spec (rather than rolling our own) Peter Saint-Andre 2018-02-06
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Craft a tokenization response data example Manash Bhattacharjee 2018-02-13
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Look for example of leveraging crypto and how to specify inputs, etc. Peter Saint-Andre 2018-02-13
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Analyze response data models from applepay, googlepay, samsungpay to compare with tokenization response data model Manash Bhattacharjee 2018-02-20
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Carve out time to put together some text on inputs and outputs Peter Saint-Andre 2018-03-13
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Look into (for discover) 1) tsp api requirements and 2) desired domain control params that would be input to the tokenization api. Kristina Smyth 2018-03-27
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Follow up with the editors to get info on current behavior and whether spec should say how non-standard codes may be handled Adrian Hope-Bailie 2018-03-29
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Ensure venue supports remote dial-in Adrian Hope-Bailie 2018-03-29
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Propose some details around encryption Keyur Patel 2018-04-10
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Articulate token requestor concept Ahuja Sachin 2018-04-27
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Work with ian to see if we can get volunteer resources for a pay with pr api design Roy McElmurry 2018-04-27
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Work with adrianhb and ian on a list of priorities for the next call Nick Telford-Reed 2018-04-27
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Convey to the pr api editors the newly underlined importance of discount code Roy McElmurry 2018-05-10
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Work with adrianhb and ian on ideas for an implementation ftf Nick Telford-Reed 2018-05-10
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Work on abstraction for what a payment handler author would need to do to use encryption, and what a payment method spec would say; reach out to ian as needed Keyur Patel 2018-05-22
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Check with ken to see about proposing some text for the tokenization spec intro on benefits to various parties Rick Waller 2018-06-05
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Check internally to see if there is a preference for fine-grain event handling or whether onpayerdetailchange suffices Wanli Yang 2018-06-21
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Write up this requestbillingaddress + event proposal Marcos Caceres 2018-06-21
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Work with ken to evaluate the data model to see if it can be simplified in light of assumed existing relationships among token requestors and tsps. Rick Waller 2018-07-03
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Convene a browser vendor meeting to discuss implementation time scales and whether we need to cut back features to get out v1 Nick Telford-Reed 2018-07-05
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Review the tokenization spec Chris Marconi 2018-07-24
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Review the tokenization spec Peter Saint-Andre 2018-08-21
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Look into how different totals are managed Krystian Czesak 2018-08-30
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Review edits to section 1 (intro) Peter Saint-Andre 2018-10-02
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Work with ian to arrange a chat between stet, berlin group, uk about credit transfer Nick Telford-Reed 2018-10-29
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Work with marcos to update the canmakepayment definition in pr api, and work with rouslan and dongwoo to get implementation changes Adrian Hope-Bailie 2018-10-29
ACTION-107 (edit) open Work with the i18n wg on a concrete description of the data changes that they think are useful Peter Saint-Andre 2018-10-30
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Review src with wpwg formal position in mind Nick Telford-Reed 2018-11-08
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Write down his src review for wpwg review, due 2018-11-23 Nick Telford-Reed 2018-11-22
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Read nick's blog and the flow diagrams and bring feedback to the next call Lawrence Cheng 2018-12-19
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Create a meeting doodle for ftf Nick Telford-Reed 2018-12-20
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Work with ian to bring the question back to the wpwg Nick Telford-Reed 2019-03-14
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Organize a call among interest parties (notably merchant guests) on how to organize a merchant/adoption session Laura Townsend 2019-03-14
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Write to the group and also add to the ftf agenda on this question of webauthn in iframe use case Nick Telford-Reed 2019-03-28
ACTION-115 (edit) open Look into answer to lte's question about routing flexibility wrt mastercard tokens Jonathan Grossar 2019-05-08
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Investigate reliability of card type info from src metadata. Jonathan Grossar 2019-05-22
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Figure out how to describe or refer to transactionid. Jalpesh Chitalia 2019-05-22
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Write up use case he has in mind Rouslan Solomakhin 2019-05-23
ACTION-119 (edit) open Add a use case / review use cases. Danny Russell 2019-05-23
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Add that note to the wiki Rouslan Solomakhin 2019-05-23
ACTION-121 (edit) open Determine usefulness of boolean about tokenusagetype within mastercard Jonathan Grossar 2019-06-05
ACTION-122 (edit) open Raise the issue on payment handlers about merchant/handler origin split Lawrence Cheng 2019-07-03
ACTION-123 (edit) open Follow up on use of web authentication for identity information Jonathan Grossar 2019-07-17
ACTION-124 (edit) open Create flow descriptions for how the user journey would work for src payment handlers Jalpesh Chitalia 2019-07-31
ACTION-125 (edit) open Work with tomasz on a new flow diagram showing the 3ds authentication in more detail Jonathan Grossar 2019-08-14
ACTION-126 (edit) open Document the payment handler to src systems for various possibilities Jalpesh Chitalia 2019-08-14
ACTION-127 (edit) open Produce a sample json response data blob for src Tomasz Blachowicz 2019-09-11
ACTION-128 (edit) open Check internally at google about what can be shared Justin Toupin 2019-09-23
ACTION-129 (edit) open Convene a joint task force on payment use cases that involve web authentication Tony England 2019-09-24
ACTION-130 (edit) open Look into a modal dialog spec, organize testing of assumptions about dropping the sheet. Adrian Hope-Bailie 2019-09-24
ACTION-131 (edit) open Investigate next ftf meeting options with ian and adrian Nick Telford-Reed 2019-09-24

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