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ACTION-107 (edit) open Work with the i18n wg on a concrete description of the data changes that they think are useful Peter Saint-Andre 2018-10-30
ACTION-115 (edit) open Look into answer to lte's question about routing flexibility wrt mastercard tokens Jonathan Grossar 2019-05-08
ACTION-119 (edit) open Add a use case / review use cases. Danny Russell 2019-05-23
ACTION-121 (edit) open Determine usefulness of boolean about tokenusagetype within mastercard Jonathan Grossar 2019-06-05
ACTION-122 (edit) open Raise the issue on payment handlers about merchant/handler origin split Lawrence Cheng 2019-07-03
ACTION-123 (edit) open Follow up on use of web authentication for identity information Jonathan Grossar 2019-07-17
ACTION-124 (edit) open Create flow descriptions for how the user journey would work for src payment handlers Jalpesh Chitalia 2019-07-31
ACTION-125 (edit) open Work with tomasz on a new flow diagram showing the 3ds authentication in more detail Jonathan Grossar 2019-08-14
ACTION-126 (edit) open Document the payment handler to src systems for various possibilities Jalpesh Chitalia 2019-08-14
ACTION-127 (edit) open Produce a sample json response data blob for src Tomasz Blachowicz 2019-09-11
ACTION-128 (edit) open Check internally at google about what can be shared Justin Toupin 2019-09-23
ACTION-129 (edit) open Convene a joint task force on payment use cases that involve web authentication Tony England 2019-09-24
ACTION-130 (edit) open Look into a modal dialog spec, organize testing of assumptions about dropping the sheet. Adrian Hope-Bailie 2019-09-24
ACTION-131 (edit) open Investigate next ftf meeting options with ian and adrian Nick Telford-Reed 2019-09-24

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